AE PC version help

Just got my code for AE on PC version from Evo but it wont work.

I installed the game and it starts but i cant “press start” i pressed every button on my keyboard and mouse and even tried my stick even though its not configured. But it doesnt work.

What gives?

I heard some brands ofkeyboards don’t work with the game, but you need to press enter with the keyboard before the joystick will work.
I hope you can find a solution ASAP.

got it to work, but now the buttons on the stick work but the stick part wont work. I read somewhere that PS3 sticks have issues but i have a standard.
Madcatz TE for 360.

This is turning out to not be so cool.

I should mention that my stick works perfectly fine on GGPO

NM i found the workaround for people with dual modded sticks. Works great. Thanks for the help.

If it’s not too long of a post, you could probably help out by explaining how you fixed it. My stick isn’t dual-modded, but I’m sure there might be others who run into the same problem with modded sticks.

Been trying to fix my TE, and while searching around a lot for a fix, you run into a lot of threads where it just ends with “found a fix, kthx”, and then theres most likely a whole bunch of people wondering afterwards how it got fixed. :slight_smile:

On top end sticks there should be a dp/ls/rs switch you can flick which will make it work on the pc.

If that was for me, then no, it won’t make it work.

If it wasn’t, it seems he already got it to work.