AE player. Just moved to Austin Texas


Hey guys, I will play anything really but play AE the most. Oni/Rose. Just moved to the area for school and would love to get some games in with a new crowd before the semester starts. Just looking for some weekly tournies (Does arcade UFO still hold them?) casual get togethers, or anyone interested in some games.


I have also just moved here. I’ve been to UFO about three times and got to play AE and SFII but not one person has been playing Marvel or SFxT. I did see Skullgirls and would love to play with the guys who hosted it, but they said they sometimes move around. If anyone know’s where they went let me know!

I haven’t seen any tournaments or, again, Marvel. But if AE or anime fighters is your thing, stop by UFO. And let me know if you hear of any tournaments. Also, if you see a person playing Hakan, say hi. I think I’m the only one.

p.s. I think the facebook page is the place to be. I just asked for an invite, so we’ll see.


I heard about UFO but haven’t got a chance to go there. I think I might be going there this weekend though and I play Marvel. I’m not great but I know what I’m doing on it. I really want to see if we can make a scene for fighting games in the area.


Ive been to UFO’s once before the renovations def needa go back and check it out again.


Went there just the other day. It was really great but no offense there wasn’t anyone who seemed any good at the games other than the people who worked there. Maybe I was there on a slow day.