AE Rebalance incoming (will be free!)!/sethkillian/status/97443789567823872

Ssfiv ae balance patch coming in fall or winter, will be free! - @Sethkillian

hopefully for pc too

Pretty sure that is a given. I HIGHLY doubt they’d update they’d just update the console version.

as long as the arcade version can be patched too, I’m all for it

Very good move from Capcom making it free. They have to know we’re sick of buying things by now via all the feedback through forums and twitter. I’m very interested to see what changes are made.

Also surprised this thread hasn’t blown up yet, I guess everyone is too busy watching EVO. 2 Monitors FTW :smiley:

The patch being free means that we probably won’t see any new characters, but IMO that’s a good thing because the game has more than enough characters.

The Hong Kong fighters don’t need nerfing nearly as much as most of the rest of the cast needs buffing, so hopefully the patch is SSF4 Buff Edition.

It would be funny to see if Yun’s lunge punch, Balrog’s dash punch, Honda’s head butt, Bison’s scissor kicks, Dudley’s machine gun blow among much more required perfect spacing such as cannon drill for every use making it easy to punish if they are too close.

Also counter ultras should counter anything, even reflect projectiles and have a small hit box to use after a focus attack at least. Getting old but just saying Vega got an anti crouch and another character used to have an overpowered hooligan grab. Attacks that change when being closer should be command attacks, makes more sense.

It would also be very nice to be able to use focus attack during block stun. Faster health recovery from using focus, take too much damage from that sometimes then actually getting hit by the other guy.

Be able tech command grabs also, remove kara grabbing. Use focus attack and let go at the right moment it should be a focus grab or null any projectiles and reset you without having to dash out of it. At any given time a grab should always out prioritize a focus attack even a level three spaced at a distance to hit with the tip during wake up.

Not that I expect any of this to happen, but go figure. Would help me win undisputed more often.

It’s called adding or subtracting hp/damage/pixels/frames not content. Slight chance characters may get different options but don’t hold your breath.

From what I read on destructoid there will be Japan location tests with arcade cabinets during the rebalancing to help iron out the game more. Given how hard it was to get the money to do this, AND the fact they are releasing it for free I have the feeling there will be no new content (like stages/characters.) But this is good as they can concentrate further on doing balance testing. It would be nice if Capcom also did some location tests in the US at the few popular arcades we have in NY or California (there aren’t many but they do exist.) but that would be expensive and I doubt it’ll happen.

Fuck man. Why can’t they just leave shit alone, and let the game develop?

Fucking whiners win again…

Did you not notice the HUGE amount of Feis and Yuns at EVO this year? Not joking 65% of the top 32 were Fei/Yun (21 out of 32)

And only 3 made to Top 8

Yes because ultimately character pick alone isn’t going to make you automatically the champ. Plus the majority of the players who didn’t go Fei/Yun and made it to the top 8 were playing their character far longer than those who recently switched because of AE.

You must be new to fighters because you don’t remember 3rd Strike tourney top 8 being 5 Chuns because if you did, you would know what unbalanced really means and would appreciate to see 6 different characters in your top 8 and the variety of characters used in the top 32.

Juicebox was winning with Juri and Abel and Combofiend was winning with Guy. What you want to see everyone use a different character in the top 32? Lol.

How many different characters did Kindevu use during the tournament?

I also noticed the HUGE amount of N-Groove Honda’s in the first Evo for CvS2… and the HUGE amount of Spirals and Blackhearts in MvC2’s first Evo…

Things change. Games develop.

I also noticed the HUGE amount of Magneto, Storm, Sentinel, and Commando as Marvel developed… and the game was still GREAT. I noticed the HUGE amount of A-Bison/Blanka/Sakura in CvS2… which is the best fighting game ever, IMO…

You whiners spend so much energy worrying about shit that doesn’t matter. Yeah… there are a lot of Yun players… Yun is a good character with dynamic matches, that are interesting. Daigo v. Valle was an amazing fight.

Then there’s Fei… who… basically hasn’t changed significantly since Vanilla… and now he’s winning… that is the PRECISE reason Capcom needs to stop changing the games. Shit develops… things change… people find ways to be effective against the shit that’s in the game, and results change. Fei has developed a LOT over the years… but take that AE tech back to Vanilla, and most of it works… it’s just that it took a while to develop. Let the fucking games develop.

Why is a strong character a problem? Weren’t all you whining losers complaining about Yun and YANG just 3 days ago? What happened to that? Did the game change? Now, Fei is the issue (any decent player could have told you Fei was the real issue, way before Yang’s no-show at Evo, BTW… but you guys love to bitch… never mind how the game actually plays)… that just goes to show that A) things change and B) most of you idiots have no idea what you’re talking about anyway.

That’s because they are faster non projectile or charge type characters. If everyone was good at spacing you’d see more Cammies but their not. Safe on block any range rekke punch or safe on block any range lunge punch.

Still, Evil Ryu is pretty good, yet I would guess non use him for his lower hp.

Hmm… It looks like I might buy the AE if they actually try balancing it this time, instead of nerfing everyone.

That’s how Capcom “balances”.

If people knew their history, they wouldn’t welcome Capcom “balance changes” at all. A2G, A3^, CvSPro, CvS2:EO, 3S revisions, MvC2 revisions, XSF revisions… they all suck.

From the dev blog,_yoshimitsu,_dhalsim_and_steve .It dosent sound like he is high on the food chain though.

Also for such an unbalanced game there were around 16 different characters in the top 32.

Well yeah, you are right, but it looked like they were learning with SSFIV, except Gen and partially Sagat. Most of the cast were still viable even after the nerfs. In fact good portion of the nerfs in SSFIV was justified (trade DP). At the very least most of the nerfs didn’t affect the unique tools characters had, unlike AE. I understand the need to shake things up a little, or tone down some overly effective techniques, but why make certain characters or their unique tools essentially worthless?

I think those suggestions go way too far. There’s a very good reason we can’t tech command grabs. Grapple characters would be completely useless if we could. Also, automatically coming out of focus seems a bit too much. What if I actually want to remain in the focus frames in order to finish the focus attack? I don’t always want to dash cancel the focus after absorbing a fireball, sometimes it makes sense to keep the attack going. I don’t think asking us to dash cancel is really all that much of a demand.