AE Rose changes: How will they affect you?

Maybe I´ll change my playstyle a bit, cause sometimes I depended on a “safe” wake-up per fight…It allowed me more risks per round…but still I love Rose since Alpha(I sucked there xD) and she is my SF char so I will get used as I did from Alpha to here. :slight_smile:

Maybe I´ll stick to less jump-ins risks or slide bets xD

I’ll still main her, but if everything is an uphill battle I’ll make her a secondary. Not worth the grief. I’m not just saying this due to U2 getting nerfed.

I always liked the character of Rose but was never a fan of her “tools”. She does have some great tools but I feel she is missing tools that I normally need as a player. Not a fan of being one of the few characters who lack a move that is start up invincible rather it is a special move or an EX move. Also not having an overhead sucks ass! But again, I use Rose because I like the character, not her tools. I’m actually gonna use Gen as my 2nd main. I dont really care for his character but he has the tools I need as a player where Rose lacks them. And Rose U2 was a nerf that was in no way, shape, or form needed. The whole “get out of jail free card” is a silly argument to me because every ultra and the SRK itself are “get out of jail free cards”. But that is another argument for another day.