AE Teams Side?

Anybody going to be running one Sat or Sunday?

Bump? Nobody wants to run a team tournament for the biggest game of the year?

let noel brown do it

I think people just want to focus on the main tournaments, and there is only so much time. Also, it’d be very, very hard to organize a side tournament for SSFIVAE since it would probably be gigantic. I imagine that’s why there are so few posts here.

…imma get noel brown to do it


I’d like to play in teams though.

I would love to participate in something like this when Marvel or some game I don’t play is going down . I remember last year Gamer Grub had $5 side tournaments that were happening during HD Remix and I was there for hours. The EVO schedule this year looks like it will leave big gaps between games so I’m sure this would work.

Noel said he’s only interested in MvC3 at this point.