AE trials question

Perhaps you can answer this for your main (since I doubt anyone knows the answer for every character), but are there any SSF4 trials (AE doesn’t have trials) that wouldn’t work in AE?

AFAIK - all of Blanka’s work fine… The only thing I’ve noticed about him is that his HP ball doesn’t go as far… and that might even just be me.

What I will say though, I’m ASSUMING his 24th will work… It’s so dumb hard, that I really don’t care to try it.

Same goes for Claw’s - no broken trials there.

So, that’s 2 of 35

I always wondered that myself - good thread.

the trial section on AE is completely previous version’s.see the changes in WIKI(click here) for every charecter.

I know that, in fact I said more-or-less the same thing. The wiki notes are labyrinthian and don’t really hilight what are AE changes.

Trial 24 still works. 339 damage. Same as before.