AE v3 (2013?) Dudley buff request/discussion thread



Since everyone remembers how bad the last thread went looks at Forward, Tut will be in control of this thread.

IMO What’s most important is better hitboxes on his moves like f.MK, c.MK c.MP, s.HK, s.HP, non EX Short Swing.
Simply make the moves hit where they should.

What the hell is this c.LP should be called c.LWrist

Give him more frame advantage on moves MP, HP Machine Gun Blow.
The moves are unsafe as is, there’s no reason Dudley should be at such a high risk off using these non cancelable moves.
At least make him +2 on hit so he can continue to pressure vs characters with hitbox altering moves like Ryu’s c.MK which, at the moment, will push Dudley out on these moves****

Fix his f.HK not allowing him to connect ANYTHING when he counter hits, or uses f.HK meaty vs characters, Balrog, Chun-li, Rose, Gen, and El Fuerte.
If it’s not Dudley’s fault, make f.HK move forward more during recovery frames so he can at least Kara HP Jet Upper.

Give the grounded active frames of Jet Upper more range so they can be used as a more reliable anti air.
Jet Upper has no invincibility so it’s usually used as an anti air when characters are high up in the air where Dudley’s Jet uppers do less damage and don’t ground trade.
It also doesn’t hit where it should, bring the hitbox up a bit more so it can trade the way it should and not get stuffed so easily.
Makes Jet Upper a tad bit more useful in option selects, since he cant use Jet Upper at the moment vs most characters due to the active frames of the grounded part of jet upper being so small allowing characters to back dash vs Dudley OSing Jet Upper even when cornered.

Make Dudley’s Victory Rose Add Juggle like Ibuki’s Kunai, and Cody’s Knife ( and possibly to 5 damage on hit, 1 on block).
Victory Rose is the only non projectile, projectile in the game that doesn’t add juggle.
If it could juggle, it would mean characters that are hit out the air from a back dash, jump, or reversal can be juggled.
Does not have to be “free juggle” it can have the same juggle properties as any of Dudley’s moves as long as it adds juggle
The Chip/Damage is a balancing nerf since at the moment it doesn’t scale combos.

That’s all I can think of for now.
No, Dudley doesn’t not need invincibility on his Jet Upper. Don’t ask for it.
No, Dudley doesn’t need SFxT shit
No, no more juggles/stun/damage requests.


… nvrmnd :frowning:
Srs tho, are they gonna be doin ANOTHER balance change??


Honestly think this is a waste of time because Capcom never listens. They didn’t do 25% of what Dudley forums asked for Dudley buffs and fixes.


Just keep pushing for those changes dude. Try to ask for like a small amount of changes instead of a huge amount.


Armor breaking SSB would be nice.


Put Rolento in the game.


capcom probably didn’t even read the request buffs since the balance team don’t speak english. sven told me that he’ll forward it to the balance team to make me feel better, but like yeah in the end he probably forgot or didn’t do anything. the only requested change dudley received was his startup reduction to his and it was thanks to cliffside (i think?) and that’s because he asked ono in person at evo (i think?)

and there were a lot of people (mr.x comes into my mind) who thought the development team didn’t do anything because they knew better. really? like does anyone honestly believe they know better than the playerbase who plays the character regularly and competitively and who put thousands of hours into the game? the developers doesn’t even play the game nor have the slightest idea how to improve the character (at this point, the changes made in the past were acceptable), they have other stuffs to do, like make games.

anyway the only shot we have if they decide to do another balance patch is to either.

  1. make a hard physical copy printed on paper translated in japanese and send it to capcom (HQ in japan).
  2. have someone in japan who speaks fluent japanese hand it to them in person
  3. have someone who’s well known to be good at the character (e.g. kuroken) discuss the balance change prior to loktest and if possible give them the translated hard copy.



  1. you can get in contact with kuroken so he can review the changes “we’re” asking for since he is well known to dudleys strength and weaknesses so he can send them to capcom HQ or
  2. someone who speaks fluent japanese as well as english to get a copy of the reviews and changes to the HQ even though they’re not familiar with the character

then I’m fine and could help. (i always say I could help but just too lazy)


Did u guys see the requests you guys asked for in the last thread.



i only wanted dudley’s s.hp to be 200dmg on hit
no joke





short swing blow should be airborne mang shit sux dicks


34 pls


What’s most important is better hitboxes on his moves like f.MK, c.MK c.MP, s.HK, s.HP, non EX Short Swing.
Simply make the moves hit where they should.

^ This has always been my big wish that’s all that interest me


Why don’t we get a community change list and send it to capcom. Each section puts together REASONABLE changes for their character, do steps 1 and 2 from what you suggested and send it to capcom with a petition? I mean i don’t believe we made a community made change list. We’ve been doing it separately one by one.


I agree with you guys. Dudley’s midscreen pokes could be better. I’d personally love it if crouching strong was a better move in general, even though this is my favorite button at the moment. One thing that worries me though is that if Dudley gets buffed too much, especially midscreen normals, he might be too broken. He’s already great inside and does such big damage, if his midscreen pokes were better he’d be sooooo good. The biggest thing going for Dudley right now imo is that he’s unknown. People just don’t know how good he actually is because he’s overall considered “low” tier, so people can get blown up just because they DON’T know. I’m afraid if he gets buffed too much he’ll lose that surprise factor.


i don’t want other characters to get buffed
only dudley

jokes aside i wouldn’t want dudley requests to be mixed with other characters mainly because their character requests

are disorganized
only have a 1 or 2 liners
never gets updated it or try push for the obvious broken requests (super cammy’s instant dive kick anyone?)

i want dudley’s request to stand out all amongst others if there are every going to be a balance patch so that dudley gets the first priority.

#19 doesn’t combo with lp.mgb.


EX Duck did u even tut?