AE ver. 2012 Viper changes

Alpha updates:

• Medium Punch Thunder Knuckle’s damage reduced by 10, down to 110 damage.

• EX Thunder Knuckle startup reduced to 25 frames (from 27), but +2 recovery (from 38).

• EX Seismo’s (Ground Pound) damage reduced by 20, down to 100 damage.

• Ultra 1 reduced to 441 damage, down from 480.

• Ultra 1 hitbox improved so it’s easier to hit fully after Air Burn Kick and Hard Punch Thunder Knuckle.

• Ultra 2 damage increased to 410, up from 380 in Arcade Edition.

Beta updates:

• [Air Burning Kick]: Damage reduced from 100->90.

• Removed throw invincibility on EX Seismic Hammer.

• Heavy Thunder Knuckle has been adjusted so that it is now throw invincible up until the first frame that it comes out.

• After EX Burning Kick connects, it is now possible to connect with her special moves and follow up attacks that are capable of juggling.

You have my sympathies Viper Forum <3

We all had a feeling the nerfs were imminent, but still sad to see them be here.

viper players should be rejoicing right now. it could have been a lot worse.

At my current level of play, I’m affected the most by the EX Seismo nerf. I’m only comfortably FFF’ing when I have the time advantage to mentally commit to it so that I don’t do it too fast and fudge it – like during a stun or a whiffed DP – so instead, I Fierce > EX Seismo > whatever.

Ironically, I hardly ever make use of her Ultra but when I do, I certainly count on its damage output. So that’s a bitch too.

And the biggest downside, if this wasn’t unnecessary enough, is that all of her bad match-ups [or all of mine, anyway] are now back to being the royal cunts they were before. Double Nerf. I mean, seriously, did Chun really need another goddamn thing? They even fixed the fallout issue with opponents against her [Chun] U1… but I bet’chu Honda will still be falling out of Viper’s in AE 2012. I’d put money on it.


I was expecting much worse, but this is okay enough to deal with. Nerfing strong TK is something I don’t agree with, though.

If you’re rejoicing, it’s probably because you weren’t expecting her to at least remain the same. Or were expecting a BK nerf. I wasn’t, so the news still perturbs me. Not so much for what they took from her, but what was given [back] to her gatekeepers.

There’s something I’m not understanding, though:

>• Ultra 1 hitbox improved so it’s easier to hit fully after Air Burn Kick and Hard Punch Thunder Knuckle.

Can someone explain this? My experience has always been either it connects or it doesn’t. I get all of it, or not at all. Except on occasions when a character will conveniently fall out of the flame kicks, making her lengthy recovery time even more of a liability. Is there a video demonstrating what they’re saying they’ve fixed?

Whats with all the grimey shit in here? She pretty much stays the same character and does slightly less damage on her TK’s and Ultra (which letss face it was warranted). You guys should be happy you can play her exactly like you always did except now you need to hit your opponent with 1 normal move more lol.

This isn’t that bad! I’m fine with these changes, they seem reasonable. It could’ve been much uglier.

We still have plus frames on BK, we still dish out a fuckton of damage and we can still throw out that mail mary EX Seismo.

We’re still good and in all honesty, I haven’t seen anything that would possibly make Viper’s life harder against other characters than it could be now.

PS: can i haz ultra 1 after mid-screen FFF nao?

This likely means that they made the height of the hitbox bigger. This basically means it’s gonna be easier to land the ultra when you juggle them (they don’t have to be a super specific height, it can be in a general range). Their wording of “fully” wasn’t really the right word for it. However, I hope they do fix opponents falling out of U1 as you mentioned, because albeit the rarity of it, it’s really annoying.

@Chrome: I dunno about mid-screen Air BK into ultra though. That would be easier if you recover from air BK quicker, because the reason why they were difficult to land is that you had to delay the BK by a handful. So really, it didn’t have much to do with the U1 hitbox.

I didn’t intend to come off that way, Warlike; just responding to the changes with how they’ll effect me personally.

But lol, - You will all eat those words when the rest of the chips fall and AE 2012 resembles Super a bit more closely than you anticipated. With, of course, the exception of one key character. No prizes for guessing that may turn out to be.

Call me crazy but I kinda-sorta liked how difficult it was to pull those off. If that is what they rectified, though, then the damage nerfs I can almost overlook. Almost… I’ll wait and see who else gets buffed, and with what.

good, cuz super is easily a better game than ae.

These changes are very minor, I think most feared far worse. On the plus side increased U1 hitbox might make midscreen u1 off a bk usable on more characters.

Seriously though, no stun value changes, no frame data changes to key moves, she will play exactly the same. None of these damage value changes are going to change your decision making processes, or effect your ability to counter anything in a particular match up. It’s purely a you have to work a bit harder to win, which isn’t terrible.

You guys could of gotten a health nerf too! You just got to hit more often now.

Gotta say I saw the damage nerfs coming a mile away. Would have liked to have seen some damage reduction on her regular seismos too. You can easily lose ~200 health in a round just from blocking that shit.

You guys are too gdlk for me.

Pretty fucking stupid overall, considering our hard matches all got buffed again, now zangief is going to be a complete nightmare, fuck capcom. and that’s the last I’ll complain about the changes.

Damage nerfs are meh, I feel they are more or less irrelevant. I just wouldve liked to see some actual changes (not necessarily huge buffs) so that we might have some new stuff to toy with, but no, again everything remains the same.

I wouldve liked to see her far st mk be more useful for poking, her back roundhouse a couple of frames faster for AA, up knuckle not being throwable or some such shit. Just… a new option.

Ah well… at least she didn’t get nerfed into oblivion =]

Regular Seismos are slow as and risky if they miss, but you want to nerf her damage more, of course. You can just FA through them anyway from afar to throw off her follow-up unless Viper follows up that Seismo with an EX version. Or even jump out of them, Viper can’t AA from fullscreen, at worst, she’ll plant a Seismo underneath your jump and you’ll have to block. Oh no(!)

Aside from the damage nerfs and Ultra 1 being supposedly easier to hit, Viper’s more or less exactly the same as she was before(unless they wanna throw in some stealth nerf/buffs), and people’ll still most likely complain. I don’t really care.