AE ver. 2012 Viper changes

You can do hp/cr.hp x Ex seismo early ex bk c.lp/,Haven’t really tested it much to see if you can land sweep or some specials.

Liam how early do you have to do that to get a normal, does it cause a reset? I’ll be doing some experimenting when I get home, I thought you might be able to do this but whenever I do it early I don’t get the last hit of exbk

OK! to answer my own question about this it causes a reset, and it must be done super early. The timing is a little weird, but you can get some interesting mixups of it, and you can still land ultra, but no other specials. Sweep is too slow to hit. I totally called this reset property earlier in this thread lmfao.

Edit: So I made some example mixups for this… the quality is shitty but I think you get the idea.

Heres the first:

Heres the second:

I think this is so totally cool.

Wow that looks really tricky I wonder if dash under works ?

I’ve noticed that the ex bk is harder to connect on smaller characters, but I’ve also found that you can mid screen ultra from a fierce feint fierce. The burning kick won’t fully connect, but the ultra will. Here’s a video showing it first with the less damage from the FFF then the regular mid-screen. Just thought it was interesting. [media=youtube]StzhEGTYF38[/media]

Yes this is char specific. Here my tests:

1)Ryu, Ken, Bison, Dan, DeeJay, E.Ryu: 3 ex bk hit, the last one must be a forward intant ex bk. But the char goes out of the corner with the last one flame kick

[LEFT]2)Honda, Dudley, Hakan, Cammy: this is the same but the char remains in the corner[/LEFT]

[LEFT]3)Gouken, Guy, Rufus, Vega, Balrog, T-Hawk: the same but you can do the last one ex.bk finishing in uf, u or ub as you like it. They remain in the corner. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]All other char can take only 2 ex bk except Rose!!! Only 1 ex bk with her T_T I don’t know why…[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Please tell me if you find something different. Sorry for my poor english lol :-P[/LEFT]

I think Viper may be 1 also and it’s actually possible to get 4 in a row after focus on any of the characters you can get 3 with normally.

I forgot to say that my tests were made with this combo: FFF, ex seismo, and the ex.bks

I can get the 3rd ex bk to hit with neutral jump. Keeps them in the corner too. Works on Ryu.

So I stumbled across a peculiar instance that I assume is a bug, last night. Evil Ryu can actually dash through the start up frames of Viper’s cl. st. short. Just set up an E. Ryu dummy to dash forward and mash cl. st. short right next to him. Easier to setup in the corner, but also works midscreen. E. Ryu will dash through and end up on the other side of Viper. Trippy.

I haven’t tested everyone, but so far this only seems to be peculiar to E. Ryu, so it’s something concerning his forward dash. A friend of mine should be uploading a vid today.

This can be done on Codys wakeup by doing a as he’s getting up and if does zonk knuckle he will go through you. What I’m guessing causes this is that the moves have to move the characters hitbox far enough forward so that it passes through the opponent and when two moves do this simultaneously both characters will be inside each other and since two characters can’t be in the same spot the game just moves the character who’s moving further forward out of the others space causing the glitch, same concept as the Yang “teleport” glitch in the corner.

Yo guys, I have to say that I am really liking the new viper! I mean, i don’t know if it’s my new internet connection, or tv, or if I’ve just leveled up by watching krone/latif videos, but I’ve never gotten more insane comebacks, stuns and perfects than before now.

I barely feel the damage nerf, and her corner stun is ridiculous, her comeback potential is retarded.

Idk, I really like how she’s fitting in this game so far, probably the best character imo.

yeah, shes pretty amazing now.

You missed something Vipers EX Thunder Knuckle connects on counter hit

I keep getting bodied by Viper Players online, She is still absurdly strong…Yet, After Yun, I know you all have to work to kill me…So, I’m saying thank you.

Thank you for playing a Top Tier character that isn’t Homo.


At least you can be confident that there won’t be a huge upsurge in Viper players,or if there is it will take them at least a year to get any good lol.

I dont mind Viper Players, She has a high skill ceiling so when someone beats me legit, without spamming. I respect them a lot, It makes a change from Autopilot Yun players.

i loled at someone who said “yeah viper, flavor of the month!”

I got hatemail from a dude telling me that Viper was too good, even broken like Yun.

I told him he just didn’t know what the fuck to do. Homie was playing Akuma.

Ahh the warm fuzzy feeling of getting hate mail, just let’s you know you did everything right.