AE2012 Frame Data


Is there an English guide with all the frame data for this game. For example if throw an opponent how many frames are they grounded for, or how many frames is my character in the air for after prejump frames, etc.

There does not seem to be a place where all this data is readily available, and it has become cumbersome trying to find it online.


The information is out there, but I don’t think it’s located in a central repository, at least not in English. You can get by without it though. All you need to know is the number of frames relative to another move whose frame data is known, and then work from there.

eg. If you do with Viper, jumping attack, and it lands meaty on one char but whiffs on another, then you know that the latter char must wake up slightly later. Then all you do is substitute the with another move that has maybe a longer startup or longer active frames and then you can figure out how much later that char actually wakes up.


Each character page has their frame data. Sometimes the 2012 changes will be noted in their own section before the frame data.


That does not have all the frame data the OP is asking about.


Oh, well shit I didn’t realize I was expected to fully read posts before replying on the interwebs >.>

Haha, anyway yeah there isn’t a single place I know of.

One thing you may not realize is that several characters are on the ground for slightly shorter or longer than the others. A safe jump vs a 4 frame reversal vs one character may need to be timed differently vs another. Dhalsim, Honda, and Hakan are some examples of chars that have some unusual rise-times. Quick rise vs Not quick rise vs Hard knock down also vary between characters (usually by only 1-2 frames). At least half the cast does have the same timings though.

With a good framerate of video capture and and editor than can slow down video, you can count the frames.
Doing this I found that Vega’s forward (empty) jump takes 43 frames to return to ground action. I also found that although you have 4 pre-jump frames, and Vega’s j.HP has a 5-frame startup, a jump-back HP hits on frame 10 at the earliest, meaning you seem to be unable to press a button on the first frame after your pre-jump frames.