AE2012 Gouken Unblockable Compendium



Gathering all unblockable setups and putting them into one thread. I believe Gouken has one for every character on each hard knockdown he has; sweep, denjin, forward/backthrow etc. It’s just a matter of finding a practical setup to use it

Not all of these setups are easy or practical to do. A good explanation of unblockables can be found at at 31:48. I agree with most of what was said but will add that it depends on what type of hard knockdown was performed. Some hard knockdowns put the opponent facing away from you and some facing towards you. Depending which knockdown was performed, where you’re aiming for the unblockable will change. Another point is some characters hurtbox are much different than others and make it much easier to perform unblockables. Makoto is a good example of this versus someone like Ryu.




[media=youtube]6KqfmmuWwe8[/media] [/details]

























Will update as more are discovered.

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Sweet! Thank you! :smiley:


Situational unblockable on Seth. Requires that he does not quickstand. Tbh, I just wanted to do something fancy with the dashthrough glitch. Fairly easy to do. For training mode purposes you should land in front of Seth when you do the unblockable sucessfully.



  • Combo into palm
  • Dash x2
  • x2
  • Forward jump mk

Should work close to midscreen with ex palm, palm bnb or any combo ending in palm that can get you close enough to the corner after one dash.


Another fairly easy unblockable. It’s off a backthrow so use at your discretion. Works on Guile and Guy.



  • Neutral jump
  • sweep
  • Forward jump mk

For training mode purposes you should be landing behind the opponent and the hit spark should indicate a crossup.


This unblockable requires a bit of manual timing.


After the sweep

  • slight delay
  • hk demonflip
  • delay
  • kick button

Works on Vega as a full unblockable. Have a working version (with different timing) on Fei Long and Rufus but they’re able to block as a crouching crossup similar to that backthrow unblockable. Might be possible to get an unblockable on any character that you can land a crossup meaty df divekick. Will be working on forward throw next.


hard knock sweep to hkflip and delay with kick is definitely whats up. Been my bread and butter for quite some time, its actually the pixel walk and delay that make this oh so nice! keep up the good work !


Ahhh… the Vortex!!


Here’s the info I’ve collected so far regarding 50/50’s and unblockables off ex-palm dash sweep bnb. I’ll be working on forward throw next and we’ll see if the columns match up so we can run a legitimate vortex on some characters.


Great Stuff Phunkism! all your stuff has helped me alot.


This might be relevant to this type of stuff.
It’s a small list of characters which have delayed /earlier wakeup & extra invincibility when they land on their back or front during a hard-knockdown.

I thought it might be useful when I read your Adon trouble.

PS: Doesn’t state it’s v.2012. But Adon’s is still relevant, haven’t checked the others.


Rufus unblockable after denjin.




  • Combo in ex-palm
  • lvl 2 denjin, charge as long as possible
  • towards the corner

For training mode purposes you should land behind the opponent after the Unblockable works if you land infront but messiah kick will be able to tag you.


On a whim I’ve been using the backthrow > Jump back > Dash > HK gouken flip unblockable on characters besides Ryu, Ken, Oni, E. Ryu, Yang, Ibuki and notice a lot of other characters have a really difficult time blocking/reversal’ing out of the setup. Akuma is one where I can pretty much always force him to get hit, whiff a shoryuken, or teleport out for easy Denjin punish. Same with Guile, Cammy, Makoto, Fei Long, Sakura. Basically anyone short and skinny (definitely not on tall or wide characters)

You think this is recommended?


Off a backthrow you’re already giving up guaranteed damage for the chance of higher damage. I don’t use that backthrow one that much anymore due to the people I play know you can block it as a crouching crossup. There’s a time and place for everything. If you’re looking to bait out a reversal or looking for an ambiguous crossup you can achieve that off a sweep and regular demonflip kick pressure. So in most cases the bnb backthrow > > will get you in the same situation as above and net you the guaranteed damage off of the backthrow.


how do you practice this?

I`m really in need of learning this one!


It’s a great showing, you also get the same results with f.throw>p.walk>hk gflip w. delayed kick after he’s coming down from the zenith of his jump arc.

Howling looks like if u ex fliP after you see the impact animation yellow rings and dust rising , exflip here pressing kick asap at he zenith. Coming down with kick as opponent begins wakeup looks to be the deal…although something appears odd the setup seems to hit inconsistently ,seems like wakeup right and wakeup left take hits at totally different times. I feel like it should be hitting both sides closer to the characters center axis…

Wakeup reversals don’t make wakeup any faster…this And other unblock setups seem to have this in common…

That is…

Hitting on nearly symmetrical places on opposite sides of their meridian at almost identical times…

PHunk…ur thoughts?


That setup is pretty hard to do. I can hit the unblockable maybe only once out of twenty tries. I’ve had more success waiting a split second after the dash df and hitting the kick button at the peak but there’s still a lot of manual timing involved.

The setup needs some tweaking to make it easier to land in a real match. It should be possible to it without using the EX meter also. I’ll hit up training mode and see if I can come up with anything after a forward throw.


Edit: just watched episode 20 and it was pretty much my feelings as well.
I was going to edit this post as a result. Here It goes anyways

I understand first hand the difficulty. I use the ambiguity to its fullest and it fosters a “mentally unblock able” perception from so many attempts on opponents. I would agree with you in that it is like splitting hairs as the old adage goes.

There is a wakeup horizon(first horizontal line on wall of training mode) as opponent rises. I feel the perception comes just before crossing the center meridian on wakeup and pressing kick asap as we crossup. If we are airborne as opponents poke out from the horizon we pass over them in such a way that the game does its best to have them respond to us being in two very close places, almost simultaneously.
It is a very thin line.

The video below is player 2 recorded walking back then defensive crouch, pushback and takeoff points as you can see are different but eventually after tryin to attck the wakeup horizon window about 20 times like yourself, we get 1 to hit.


Initially I had questioned the lay definition of unblock able while having my theories as I saw the first Ken unblockable vids.

When I saw your last entry and vid I was looking at certain things without considering the threads entirety and without seeing the episode 20 video up to that point.

I was relieved to see him use a last instance joystick wiggle to block the unblockable setup from blanka. This only solidified my theory.

As can be seen from the video I hone in on the wakeup horizon and clip Makoto from crouchblock. I realized after trying to demonstrate my point or lack of that I was halfway thru a sweep unblockable setup.

Since I can record now and post I will add my expertise to this topic. I feel this particular area as it relates to gflip hard knock downs and ambiguous cross ups is definitely my cup of tea.

I will complete and properly record this sweep setup and others.

All in all great work!


Gouken has atleast 1 close up normal that he can cancel to G Flip to cross/ambig the opponent, he also has a few variations from far range with normals. For example cr. fp > mk gf dive kick works on Makoto and smaller hit box characters. If you can land the cross up this way, it will give you a better idea of the angle Gouken needs to take to hit on the backside while remaining in front during their wake up. Point blank EX Flip gives it to you as well.


Sometimes I will use lp>mk flip or lp>exflip