AE2012 Matchup Series #1: Abel, Adon, Akuma, Balrog, Blanka, C.Viper, Cammy, Cody, Chun, Dan

Splitting up characters in alphebetical order in four cohesive threads and discussion



Mainly you don’t want to get too close to Abel often as there’s a risk of tornado throws and EX-Change of Directions that hyper armor through your footsies. Keep him honest with standing medium kick and standing heavy kick. You can whiff punish his rolls since they have been nerfed.

If you get knocked down there are several option selects Abel will have against Bison. If Bison:
[]Blocks- Abel creates contact, can continue pressure
]EX Psycho Crusher- Abel rolls through harmlessly, Bison escapes. METER WASTED
[]EX Scissor Kick- Abel rolls through harmlessly, Bison escapes. METER WASTED
]EX Headstomp- Abel rolls through harmlessly, can punish on landing METER WASTED
[]EX Devil’s Reverse- Abel rolls through harmlessly, Bison escapes METER WASTED
]Teleport Back- Abel rolls into Bison, can punish
[]Super- Abel can block, punish
]Ultra 1- Abel can block, punish
[]Ultra 2- Abel can just jump out, punish
]Backdash- Bison can punish the roll, but Bison pretty much has to know it’s coming. If he reads the OS, and starts doing this, Abel has to switch up.
Since he doesn’t have the best wake up options when you set them up, he’s kind of limited to Rolling out and blocking for the most part and mashing EX-Tornado Throws. If you detect rolls coming up, Option select a slide behind j.MK and pick a direction to charge. If you’re in the good spot, wake up ambiguous Psycho Crusher to knock him down again.
If you ever beat Abel by straight up rushing him down, the Abel player is doing something wrong. After a scissor kick, Abel can always avoid the your next follow up low short simply by walking back. Scissor kick trap is not good vs abel. you keep him at bay with stand medium kick. Try to stay charged at most times. what you want to keep in mind the entire time is to stay away from step kick range(forward+forward kick). You block that, you are dead. The more advance Abels have setups that cover all their bases so once you get knocked down you have to deal with some 50 50 pressure.

Good setups on Abel after short scissor kicks is meaty jab psycho crusher, then another ex psycho crusher or a Devils reverse/ Teleport to get out.

And after you throw Abel in the corner, whiff a low forward, then do a jump forward fierce attack in the air. If abel tries to do ex roll out , he rolls INTO the corner. this is very advanced, master how to use it.

Don’t give Abel any mistakes to punish. On Abel you dont want to do safe jumps on him because he can do EX-Throw as anti air. Your jump ins need to be a tad late, where he cant normal anti air you but he can’t ex throw you either. Connecting Bison’s Forward version of scissor kicks and immediate jump is a good example.



In far range there is not a whole lot Adon can do to attack you but Jaguar Tooth in or get close to Jaguar Kick. A good way to not deal with his safe Jaguar Tooth on block is reacting with jump back fierce. If you can get a hit in, punish. If you get blocked, some chip is good. Once you get into footsie range you have to look out for his standing roundhouse.



Good range to stay near Akuma is out of his poke c.MK range. Bison s.MK can hit him perfectly fine there. The best position to keep Akuma is in the corner for LK Knee Press pressure. Since Akuma has low stamina, any bit of damage against him is good. When you keep him in the corner, stay a bit out of his c.MK range and wait to see what Akuma does, if he stays back, go for LK Knee Press. If he teleports you can punish him with c.MP s.HK link for some good damage.
A lot of Akuma will be tempted to throw out s.HK up close randomly to interrupt. It’s also a safe move on block, so don’t try anything stupid that will get you punished hard. Block and wait for something or move back a little to space yourself afterward. Since now in AE2012 far standing roundhouse has been nerfed Akuma will have to mostly block or guess random uppercuts to counter trip happy Bisons. To be honest this is a great change when you are in that range and they happen to roundhouse you. Test the waters with low short into scissors, net some damage, or see if they do anything silly and punish.

Demon flip mix ups are kind of hell for Bison. If you can react fast enough after he does a normal cancel into demon flip mixup, dash under and behind him and follow up with s.HK to turn it around.

If an Akuma is standing hard kick happy, stick out meaty, standing hard kicks to catch him.

Avoiding Akuma’s zoning is an art in itself. Neutral jump roundhouse has a fireball invulnerability box in the rear leg, so even if you jump over some you can use it as a cover for some incoming attacks.

Air fireballs can be tagged by Psycho Crusher at whatever distance. You can slide and sweep Akuma under Air fireballs if you’re in the mid to close range. The best advantage against Akuma is health and limiting their bravery from that point.



Notable normals
S.LP chainable, 4 frame jab with good range. Whiffs on crouchers.
C.LP chainable, 3 frame jab that with good ranage that provides easy but modest damaging bnb combo’s for Balrog.
Excellent counter to tick throws.
C.HK reasonable fast and decent range sweeped. Will evade Bison’s S.HK. -6 on Block.
S.MP and C.HP are his go to anti airs.
Jump back HP is very good air to air for Balrog.
He is -2 after level 1 focus attack and +4 after a level 2 when he FADC’s forward.
His focus attack has very poor range. (But hits Headstomp lol)

Frame advantage (or lack of) on block.
Dash Straight
LP -3
MP -6
HP -8
EX -2
Dash Upper (whiffs on crouchers)
LP -3
MP -5
HP -7
EX -1
Dash Low
LP -8
MP -9
HP -11
Ex -3
Dash Overhead (Breaks Armour)
LP -5
MP -7
HP -8
EX -5
Dash Low Smash (Breaks Armour)
LP -5
MP -7
HP -9
Ex -3
TAP (Breaks Armour)
Level 1 -2 (+2 on hit)
Level 2 -5 (-1 on hit)
30 Frame start up of which 18 are hit and projectile invincible, can be thrown out of it at any time.
Buffalo Headbutt
LP -22 (whiffs on crouchers)
MP -22
HP -21
EX -21
His dash straight, dash low and dash upper are focus fodder. But after getting crumpled once or twice, a decent Balrog will surely wise up and start using level 1 TAP to break the focus attack. You can then focus attack back dash a few times to bait out the TAP and if your good S.HK on reaction (by the time you react it will no longer be invincible and you will be to counter hit him out of it and can then combo into a second S.HK).
Of course he has Dash low smash and overhead as armour breakers are well but these are unsafe on block. He will probably use these only when he meter to perform the ex version.
His Dash Upper when used as anti air juggles to U1.
Only TAP level 1, Ex Dash Upper and Ex.Dash Straight are safe on block, but offer frame advantage to his opponent. Otherwise he has to space his dash punches to make them safe.
His Ex.Speicals have armour on them. They tend to beat out SK as the second hit doesn’t come quick enough to break the armour. Keep meter in reverse and EX.PC through them. Some players like to press throw on reaction to the slightlest flash of yellow on Balrog.
He can be thrown out of everything bar Headbutt.
Headbutt is invincible on start up.
Headbutt juggles to ultra. From full screen he can react to EX.PC with headbutt. Often Balrogs sitting on down charge are just looking for you to throw out a special move so they can counter with headbutt.
Balrog can do a Sagat impresonation and trade with Headbutt into his Ultra.
Another prefered tactic Balrog players love ot use is whiff tap or dash punch to bait a speical, and then Headbutt. Simply block and let it whiff or if you know what he’s up to, react to the whiff move with EX.SK and punish it for free.

Super & Ultra’s
His Super can not be punish with either ultra. Use the hardest hitting combo or super to punish.
His Ultra 1 can be punished with either.
His Ultra 2 will almost never be used. Can be escaped by jumping after the flash. Balrog will only ever get to use this as a punish which is rare.
Does good damage and massive stun.

Anti air
Balrogs got a low jump arc.
Generally I have found c.HP seems to take care of close jump ins, while S.HK deals from jump ins that are further away. (I want to test this more myself)
From a certain angle Bison’s J.HP will stuff Rogs C.HP clean. Jump in from about a third of the screen away J.HP will stuff it clean.
Practise this in the lab. I don’t think RoG’s S.MP is reliable enough anti air so he will be relunctant to use it.
Land this jump a few times and you can make Rog paranoid about trying to AA you.

General Tips
Balrog has 50 more health (1050) and 50 more stun (1000) than Bison.
Both characters have fast walk speed but Bison is a little quicker.
Poke wise both characters are excellent, with Bison having a slight edge.
Bison’s wake up with meter is a lot better than Balrogs.
Damage wise, Balrog edges it but his BnB’s are not that much more damaging than Bison’s (outside of his ultra set up)
Balrog has a frustratingly thin hurtbox, meaning Bison can not do 4x C.LK on Balrog (unless preceeded by J.MK).
Bisons BNB cross up combo starting from J.MK do not work on Balrog.
However Balrog is very easy to cross up with J.HK and even J.HP is easier to land on Balrog than other characters.
The normal BNB’s work from those cross up options.
After a blocked LK SK both characters have 3 frame options making it a 50:50 who lands the next hit. But Balrog has a more damaging and hit confirmable set up off his jab.
Balrogs like to spam C.LP to interrupt tick throws or slow frame traps and set up their own BNB’s.
See if yo can spot a habit and adjust your frame traps accordingly.
Ex.Dash Upper is good at spoling neutral jump baits and DR meter build.
Balrog has no cross up.
Balrogs like to use Dash Swing Blow or Dash low as an a high low mix up block string ender. Both of these options are punishable on block.
Generally who ever gets a life lead and can set on it has the advantage.

Balrogs wake up
Cross up J.HK is very easy to land on Balrog and you can perform normal combo’s off it.
If you use J.MK the combo C.LP, S.LP, S.LK, S.HK works well on.
When thrown in the left corner, J.HP will not cross up unless peformed extremely late, but J.MK and J.HK will.
When thrown into the right corner, J.HP, J.HK and J.MK will cross up.
Balrog is very easy to safe jump but his headbutt tend to get him away from cross up attempts and can’t really be OS against.
If he has no meter, OS roundhouse or slide should take care of back dash.
Headbutt is massively punishable on block. His LP.Headbutt whiffs on crouchers and the other headbutts are too slow to hit a meatie like C.LP (they will hit C.LK though) EX.Dash punches are his other option, mashing C.LP or throwing him should take care of that, but doing that will loose to headbutt.

Bison wake up.
Bison looses teleport as an option when he’s in the corner, otherwise ROG has to OS TAP to counter it or OS jump forward.
If he is using light meaties, Bison can use DR to evade or take a light damage reset.
With Meter
Things becomes much harder for Rog when Bison has meter. At close range he can’t punish EX.PC on block with normals or specials.
He needs to have U1 or Super stocked and maintain charge to preform an auto correct ultra or super to punish it.
His other 2 options are jump back bait and punish with sweep or block about quater screen away and punish with sweep.
Of course if Bison does nothing he’s just allowed him up for free.
Bison has teleport and Ex.DR as well, if Balrog has charge he can react with EX.DasH Upper. ~~~Azza



Poke Blanka with standing medium kick.


Punch her in the uterus[/details]



General Info
Cammy has 950 health (50 less than Bison) and 950 stun (equal to Bison).

Notable Normals
Cl.LP, godlike +4 on block, excellent at anti airing cross up attempts.
S.LP, +3 on block.
C.LP, +3 on block.
C.LK, -1 on block.
All of the above all Cammy to put on strong close range pressure. All of them have 3 frame start up and are all chainable

Cl.MP a good anti air for characters directly over her head.
S.HK reasonable poke and strong anti air. Can be countered via focus dash and punishable if blocked at close range (-6 on block)
C.MK 5 frame poke with moderate range. Most common poking tool, normally buffered to Spiral Arrow.
C.HK, not often used, -8 on block.
Cl.HK decent close range anti air but dreadfully unsafe on hit (-7) or block (-11).

Air normals
J.LK, her cross up jump.
J.HK her best air to ground jump in. Deceptive range and difficult for Bison to anti air with S.HK

Her throw range is limited. Joint worst in the game.
Her air throw has the slowest start up (5 frame) and least range in the game.

Focus Attack
Her Focus Attack is quite good.
Forward dashing after a level 1 focus attack leaves her at -2 on block or hit.
Forward dashing after a level 2 focus attack leaves her at +4 on block.

Cannon Spike
Excellent anti air with a fantastic hitbox, lots of invincibility and has a large amount of active frames. Covers a huge range.
Can be FADC into another Cannon Spike, Super or Ultra.
When used as an OS from a jump, will beat all 4 of Bison’s EX reversals, but will mostly whiff against backdash and can be punished if Bison Teleports.
5 frame start up so can be safe jumped off a throw.
Can be stuffed clean with Bison’s Pesudo Fake Safe Jump.
Massively unsafe on block.
Leaves Cammy at -1 after a forward FADC.

Cannon Strike
Air to ground special move with good frame advantage on block and hit.
Only works off a forward jump.
Height restricted.
Can be blocked low or high.
Very difficult to anti air for Bison.
Best counter is to try to get it to whiff in front of you and pressure her from there.
If you have to block it the higher you block it the less frame advantage you give her.
If you know one is coming in from really high you could try to focus attack it but thats highly risky.
If you can predict one at close range, neutral jump hard kick works well.

The EX version is demonic. No height restriction means it can blow up crouch tech hard. Even more frame advantage on block and hit.
If it hits low to the ground it can combo into Ultra 1. Works off neutral and back jumps making it deadly counter to Scissor Kick pressure.

Cannon Strike can cross up but that will most likely will occur if you happen to be blocking in a crouched position.

Spiral Arrow
Mainly a combo ender for Cammy. Knocks down on hit. If it hits twice, it perfectly sets Cammy up for a cross up J.LK.
Will be thrown out randomly from time to time as a get in tool.
As an OS it can counter backdash and teleport, but will loose to EX.PC.
Stuffs Scissor Kicks but whiffs against PC.
She can punish EX.PC on block with Spiral Arrow if she blocks it from a little further back than point blank range. But point blank EX.PC is safe.
Massively unsafe on block at close to medium ranges, but at far ranges it can be made safe.
Hits twice only at close range. At medium to far range its highly susceptible to Focus Attacks.
Can be stuffed with C.MK. C.HK will also win if its already gone active.
At close range the first hit can be FADC. If she dashes forward from this she will be at -1.

Spin Kunckle
Cammys dedicated Focus Attack breaker.
Safe on block and allows her to start a block string. Juggles to Ultra on hit.
Projectile invincible. Has a lot of low and mid body invincibility but upper body remains exposed throughout the move.
Comicly slow, easy to counter hit her out of it.
Poor move that won’t be seen much.

Hooligan Combination
Can be used as an air grab, ground grab or a sliding knockdown attack.
Strength of move determines the range.
The slide is -1 on block.
EX version tracks and can be a good move punisher.
While the air grab is quite effective the other 2 options are not.
The ground grab does not connect on crouchers and the slide attack is very slow coming out.
As a result a Bison player can simply crouch and mash C.LP on reaction to this move and get a free combo off it.
Most Cammy players will use it very sparingly as a result.
The ground grab if timed correctly will connect on a waking opponent even if he is crouching. This is because
that on the very first frame after recovery from a knockdown the game considers the character both standing and crouching.
You can counter this by pressing any attack button along with crouch on the very first frame of recovery or much more simply by performing a reversal.

Good super with good damage that can be combo-ed into. Mostly seen cancelled from Spiral Arrow.
As an OS it can counter backdash and teleport. EX.PC, EX.DR and EX.HP whiff and allow Bison to punish.
Can punish EX.PC on block. It can also punish a HP.PC blocked at point blank range but it barely connects
-35 on block, punish with anything.

Ultra 1
Excellent Ultra. Can be set up from an FADC Cannon Spike or off a hitting Spin Kunckle.
As an OS it can counter backdash and teleport. EX.PC, EX.DR and EX.HP whiff and allow Bison to punish.
Can Punish EX.PC on block.
-35 on block, again punish with anything.

Ultra 2
Counter Ultra that Cammy will almost never use. Least she won’t if the player is half way sane.
Counters all none armor breaking moves. U2, PC and throws will beat this free, otherwise wait till she goes into recovery and punish.
Bait and punish.

General Match Up Info.
Bison has a bit more mobility than Cammy although shes not exactly slow.
He wins the footsie war on the ground.
Her damage output is better than Bison’s.
Air to air neither character is dominate. Cammy has a lower jump angle than Bison so it can be quite awkard to hit her.
Air to ground Cammy completely dominates. Mixing up Cannon Strike, EX.Cannon Strike and J.HK can make Bisons life hell.
Cammy on the other hand has so no such problems with both an excellent normal (S.HK)and special (Cannon Spike)anti air option.

Bison will want to try and keep her out. Footsies on the ground, along with Focus Attacks to deal with Spiral Arrow. If you can snag Spiral Arrow a few times with focus attack you will make her very weary of using it. He will also want to stay out of the corner as much as possible.

Anti Air
Keeping her out when shes in the air is tricky. Neutral J.HK and J.MK are good if you make a prediction.
Otherwise its a gamble using S.HK, you may get lucky and get a counterhit, but if you get your timing wrong, Cammy gets a massive reward.
C.HP is somewhat effective against her J.HK but because she could switch over to Cannon Spike at any time, you need to be confident thats what she’s going to do.
You can also use EX.PC to get away, but she could OS that with Cannon Spike. Don’t do this is she has Super or Ultra 1 stocked.
If possible try to get her to whiff it in front of you so you can start pressure off C.LK\poke\LK Scissors. But be careful, Cannon Strike is active all the way to the ground. Miss time anything and your eating big damage.

Cammy’s Pressure Game
She has several ways to score a knockdown, random Spiral Arrow, C.MK buffered to Spiral Arrow, combo into Spiral Arrow/Cannon Spike, Cannon Spike anti air or a tick throw. Once she gets the knockdown she can start her godlike pressure game.

If Spiral Arrow hits twice, she’s in perfect postion to cross you with J.LK. If you block this, mash RDP Teleport like a mofo (except if your in the corner).
Block Cannon Stikes high to reduced frame advantage and reduced the chance of a ambigous cross up.
If you have no meter don’t bother Teleporting or back dashing, she will have an OS to cover that.
If you want to trade some damage for the chance to escape, you can use DR/HP to take a reset and take your chances from there. Don’t use this if she’s crossing you up or if your right in the corner (unless you have meter to EX.PC on recovery).
Her cross up game is quite ambigious due to the fact that she can change to Cannon Strike in the air. Its all about experience and reads here.
If she direclty jumps in at you and you have meter mix up Teleport and EX.PC for a 50:50 to get out.
Once she has U1 or Super stocked, then the 50:50 can lead to Cammy landing a a raw Super or Ultra.
Dealing with her block strings. Crouch tech is good when she doesn’t have meter, and remember she has less throw range than other character. Learn the range she can throw you from so you know when to stop pressing buttons. Her counter option is frame traps. Once she has meter but extremely careful about crouch teching as EX.Cannon Strike will blow it sky high. Look for gaps to EX.PC through or teleport out if your not near the corner.

Life becomes much more difficult when she has Super or U1 stocked. You can FADC an EX.PC but thats very costly on meter. You could use and empty EX.DR and hope he won’t react to it with Super/Ultra, or you could extend an EX.DR late in attempt to bait a Super/Ultra. Very risky when near the corner as she can simply back dash and punish you if she reacts properly.

The worst case scenario is being pushed to the corner when she has meter and Ultra stocked and you have no meter. Even with some meter of your own its extremely grim scenario.
After this is a matter of taking a gamble with a normal or a jump out or correctly guessing and teching a throw.

If your totally Boss or f**king insane you can use S.LK or C.LP to interrupt an EX.Cannon stick.

Bisons Offense
Bison wins on the ground with pokes and Scissor Kick pressure. Like in most match ups Bison does well if he can get his opponent to the corner. He just has to be mindfull of EX.Cannon Spike off a neutral jump the same as he has to be mindful of other characters neutral jumps. If he see it coming he counter with J.MP or even a Focus Attack if he’s close.

Bison can safe jump her Cannon Spike off throws, stuff with the puesdo safe jump set up. He also has unblockables off both throws. See the 2nd post in the Bison Labworks thread for details on these. He also has a safe jump set up off slide FADC backwards J.MK.

If Bison gets Cammy into the left corner, J.MK will not cross up. J.HP will not cross up unless peformed very late. J.HK will cross up.
In the right corner, all 3 moves will cross her up.

Ideally you will want to time these jumps in’s to be meaty otherwise she could walk her self out of them unintentionally. Whiff C.LK off a forward throw or C.MP off a backthrow before jumping. She can anti air these jumps with Cannon Spike but off a back throw she will have to reverse the input.

Cammy has a quite a large hitbox which is quite a suprise given her small size. She’s easy to cross up with J.HK and pretty much all Bison’s obscure combo’s work oh her. You can even land J.HK,C.MP(delay it slightly),C.MK xx PC/SK as a cross up.

If your going OS Cammy I recommend S.MK against her backdash. S.HK tends to whiff.

Don’t bother going for Head Press chip on her wake up. Cannon Spike beats it clean.

Thats pretty much all I got for tonight. If I think of more I’ll add it. ~~Azza



His new walk speed and low short is really good in AE and 2012. After scissor kicks wait a tad of a moment to see if they like to do low shorts. You can walk back to whiff punish slide attempts.

Chun Li


Chun Li is easy to safe jump after a throw, forcing EX-Spin kicks to whiff or get blocked.
Probably is Chun has high normal priority all around and once she gets her offense going, you’ll require a lot of blocking and good teching. It’s difficult to whiff punish her sweep so try to get some form of frame advantage up close and frame trap her attacks a bit. Meeting her air to air is rough as air throw and target combos out prioritize Bison. You’d best go in early with a jumping roundhouse which may snuff some of her attacks.

She cannot do a whole lot from far screen but toss fireballs and build meter with lightning legs and overheads, but be sure that when you do approach her footsie range it is very difficult to start offense against a flurry of s.MP, c.HK, s.HP and s.HK. Find a spacing for yourself to counter poke her whiff normals. Surprise slides against her don’t work consistently enough but keep in mind it’s a pretty huge risk and you should do it only if you know you’re going to follow up with something good since her wake up is mediocre.

Hesitate to crouch tech after blocking overheads as it’s pretty safe and most of the time Chun will use sweep right afterwards because of the lack of distance for you to counter hit her with any of your quick normals.

She’s one of the most back dashy characters in the game. Slide OS works well on her. And once you safe jump one or two EX-SBK’s, they’ll resort to back dashing out a lot. When and if you do punish one or two of those, they may think to block more, that’s why you should work on pushing her closer to the corner if you haven’t and just go for frame traps.



Dan’s offense revolves in getting into your face and forcing 50/50 guessing.
His primary methods of getting in outside of s.MK range is basically jumping in, focusing in, or throwing out random Dankyaku’s to squeeze into the spacing for safety on block thus mixing up.

Don’t get cornered and Dan Knee’d. Punish whiff knees.


His whole game is frame traps and not all of those are proof against and none of them are proof against ex pc unless he’s smart enough to bait it. Beyond that, don’t jump on him without a knockdown and him all day. I also throw in a lot for meaties or max range poking. Honestly never found Cody to be that much of a problem. One of a few matchups where I do not feel punished for being patient and blocking.

Scissor kick is free to cody, he has the best n.jump button in the game, nj.fierce, it’s so good, its almost gouken tier. Also slide beats sk clean, even EX-version.

Other then that I guess it is an okay match, too bad Cody gets a juicy 20-35% reward for tagging you with anything. I would never OS tech against cody, I’d rather eat a throw.

hey guys i was wondering how do you play the viper mu? because punching her in the uterus doesnt work for me lol

I find that matchup to be very hard if only for the reason she is advantaged on burn kicks and that its hard to keep her on the ground. Doesn’t help that its a pain to block burn kicks due to the animation making it very hard to tell if its a crossup or not.

yeah smart cody players will constantly be looking for whiffed scissor kicks by doing neutral jumps, he’ll wreck you on the way down, throw those out with extreme caution

When she is up close mixing you up, don’t try to hit her out from her overhead elbow drop, that move has really good priority for an OH.

She sucks when she has to play the defensive part, so hell most likely will go bat shit insane to avoid getting cornered, if she is airborne, you should start reading when she is going to try and super jump and catch her with nj.Fierce, that move stops Flame kicks well, S.RH and S.Fierce and even cr.Fierce are good AA buttons against Viper.

BLOCK LOW. Viper players are always want to tag you with EX-seismo ( Hits low ), that move comes out lighting fast so you need to be expecting it, its not throw invincible anymore but it is still very fast, expect them to do it when your close to them or when they are cornered, getting hit by one of these usually takes away atleast a 40% slice from your health bar so be careful. She can punish DR easily from anywhere on the screen with Seismos, so you cant build meter easily against her.

thx for the tips, ill be using neutral fierce a little more

stand round house;heavy kick is magic vs viper is the magic button against everyone lol

i played yesterday some matches against viper, neutral j.hp does the trick against super jumps and what not… delicious

viper/ibuki: when you see high jump(super jump) jump forward mp xx, more damage and psycho setup

Here is my little advice for viper is free on wake up now. She has to spend two bars to guess without risk on wake up with dp. And what is her reward? 70 dmg now that she cant avoid throw with ex seismo to combo into ultra.

Chun can really lame it out with her zoning if you don’t know what your doing. You want to pressure chun and continue to do so until she get’s to the corner! But yeah chun has lots of tools to get under DR. She can even get a clean hit off EX Devil Reverse, if her c.HK is timed right, that hit box…Even EX PC get’s stuffed by her d/f HK! Becareful with teleports since Chun can OS it with Hazanshu

also this is old since SSF 4, I just noticed TUC Dict ( getting stuffed by Chun’s Super at the end of the match up. Wondering if it still works, I doubt you can do this with lag online, lol…

[media=youtube]yJop0v2zslU[/media] is -3 on block so yeah she still can. She can super punish most of his long range pokes with that. The exceptions are,, and standing far mp.

i hate fighting cody with bison. i hate cody’s jump ins, and i hate how good cody’s buttons are up close, i hate how much frame advantage he has, and i hate how good his throw is.

cody = salt mine with a conveyer belt leading directly to my bloodstream

in the future i’ll probably just switch back to guile for this matchup

Cody get VERY BAD wake up, I think he got top 10 WORST wake up in the game?? (beside that sand bull crap which did not work with Bison)
he love trap? walk back and prepare for sweep
he love jump? TRAIN YOUR AA, when your AA is good I don’t think he can just jump in to you and get win. he need work to get your AA fail as safety feture.
his frame trap is actually one of the best (well Cody LIVE with frame trap, he don’t have anything good beside that…hit stun and damage)
BUT, you can frustrated him by play keep away, throw, get some damage when he is careless, and keep away.

I got some good cody friend, but if you keep your scissor spacing and footsie spacing and not get Focus Crumble, you win :stuck_out_tongue:

heres me trolling Cody, but I got trolled by Dan!