AE2012 PC startup

is there a way to remove the intros for a faster startup?

I don’t think that doing that would cause Games for Windows Live to load any faster, which is the real problem at least in my case. As it is, you can skip them quite quickly by pressing the button, but the game will not get to the main menu if GFWL hasn’t loaded so you have to wait anyways.

You can remove the opening movie and nvidia logo, but I am not sure about the logos. I have also been interested in having the rest removed, as well as having the button press sound on start-up screen be muted or have its volume lowered significantly. Me and all my friends all have to alt-tab during the logos to manually lower the SF4 sound to 15% of the original just to prevent permanent deafness from how loud it is. Might just be that we got weird PC settings, but when 3/4 of us have it as an issue, I imagine we are not the only ones.

To remove the openin movie and nvidia logo, simply find them in your SF4 movie folder, and then replace the movie filenames with empty files, i.e. make a .txt file and just change it to “nvidia logo.avi” or whatever it is called.

Can you post the full directory of where to find the file(s) to change?

Also yeah I alt-tab too just to lower SF volume lol. Maybe if it didn’t do that, then I could just consistently set the volume in the options.

Sorry, I didn’t actually check back until now. Even if it’s too late (not that you died, but as in, you figured it out) I’ll just reply just in case, or at least for others. If you’re using steam, you’ll find it here: Steam\SteamApps\common\super street fighter iv - arcade edition\movie
Then replace all the movies in the ‘nvidia’ and ‘opening’ folder with empty files of the same name (i.e. change a .txt into .avi with that name.)

Posting as part of the ‘Minimize-SF4-To-Prevent-Deafness’ club :(.