AE2012 Yun Guide

Did you get it without the level 3 focus attack? With a meaty enough palm that hits as late as possible and without the focus attack double palm lunge works on any of the cast in the corner. I edited my post to make note of that. I left the list up for who it works on with the focus attack crumple.

Here is one

Corner only: *FA3 backdash qcb MP/HP qcf EX Lunge into Ultra 1 into EX shoulder if you want at the end

can the bnb, cr short x2 st jab st strong xx dragon kicks work on everyone who crouches?

Messing with the cross up lp.shoulder, yun can combo into cr.strong > st.strong > kicks. Whoop

It whiffs on some. I’ve had hk upkicks whiff as a combo ender on some characters like Ryu even when standing. You’ll have to end the combo with mk upkicks instead. There might be some characters who even mk kicks whiffs on though.

I saw this in the Cammy forums and I thought it might be useful here as well:

No no no, don’t let our secrets out :frowning:

The secret to countering Yun’s dive kick? lol

Correct me if I’m wrong but I found that you have to vary which dragon kick you use. On Ryu after command throw (cmd throw forces stand) mk.srk works, if Ryu is crouching hk.srk works. If he’s standing / neutral it’s mk.srk.

According to the frame data lk and mk srk doesn’t hit crouchers while hk does. HK however does seem to hit more upwards and not so much forward so in which case mk.srk will hit standing opponents further away.

I can’t confirm it right now and have only tested on Ryu but it seems to be this way from what I’ve seen so far.

I have been trying to do more zenpou tenshin, stMP, EX lunge, U1. But even when I hit with stMP, the EX lunge doesn’t connect everytime.
Any tips with that one ?

After zempo tenshin, you have to hold forward a bit before pressing so you get close So it’ll look like this

Forward,, go back to neutral, qcf PP, U1

You go back to neutral so you avoid getting ex shoulder instead

Okay, so i was fighting a ryu,he did a Shinkku(mash uppercut) while he was in the corner, I crossup dive kick trying to punish with U2, but i connect dive kick and U2 connects also.
So divekick, land, U2 is a combo in case you need damage quick like vs Thawk,Blanka,anyone that gets scared of U2

^ I already posted somewhere that Yun is basically +10 or higher if you connect your dive kick deep enough (at the ankles). If you wanted to dive kick into ultra, you’d might as well use U1 so you can follow up with HP lunge for even more damage, plus stun/metergain. U1 starts up 1frame faster so it’s actually easier than U2.

m/h.shoulder FADC U1
palm FADC U1

Works if not discovered yet. Also a nice reset in the corner after focus/stun:
EX palm (opponent does a crossup float :p), dive kick, dash under

How do you guarantee a heavy kick after cancelling a dragon punch into Genei Jin? Does it have to do with speed, timing the cancellation of the dragon punch, or pressing forward etc.? I’m clueless.

It’s just pressing s.HK after the super flash, the timing on it is a little whacky but once the camera angle goes back to normal is when I usually press it.

Cleaned up the combos page a little. I actually wrote down all the damage/stun values for ALL those combos and then I somehow backspaced out of the page and lost all of it T_T sigh

Edit: Nevermind I sucked it up and went back and did them again.

I can never understand why people don’t simply write big posts in notepad or something first, then copy pasta into forums box, so you don’t have to worry about SRK server crash or backspace/reload page fail.

my scrubby self has a hard time landing a st. mp in a: cr. jab, st. jab, st. strong xx upkicks combo >_>

Instead of plinking lp~mp, try lk~mp. That’s easier on my hands; might help you.