Aegis messups

Anyone have any idea as to why when you do corner unblockables, you end up landing on the “wrong” side rather than being pushed back out?

I hate those corner Aegis screw ups to high hell, so any insight as to why this is would be greatly appreciated.

Actually, when you look at it happen, it’s pretty obvious why.

You’re just doing the knee drop too early, which makes it hit deep, and when you do, he doesn’t bounce (as you can see).

When you see this happen, you can actually do TWO cr. fierces (4 hits), and then headbutt or tackle, so it’s not all THAT bad. You just can’t repeat your corner unblockables.

Whoa there. Two cr fierces. Well damn. I guess that in itself would build more meter for a headbutt/tackle --> midscreen aegis drama. And I used to think I was partitioning too slowly or something.

Thanx man. May your Aegises stay on screen long and not be jabbed at.