Aegis - not enough/too powerful?

ok news from non-urien players is that aegis is too powerful enabling unblockables, a serious reduction of energy off an opponent in the corner (and midscreen if used right) and and anti-air.
but news from urien players is that it should be better now that unblockables are parried and it doesnt last on screen for long. also the fact that theres too much risk involved with some supers (shinsho & gigas) going through it.
3 aegises would be better!
would do you guys think?

As things are right now Aegis > all. I don’t understand how urien-players don’t see that and wants 3 reflectors? It’s like for the hugo players to demand 2 gigas…

As for the non-urien players… Start playing urien.


2 is enough, man. Urien builds meter so quick during Aegis beasting that it seems like he’ll never run out :lol:.

i’m a non-Urien player. i actually play him only on the most casual of levels :lol:. i’d like to have him as a competitive character, but that partitioning stuff is way beyond me. i can probably do a Shonen and have a non-partitioning Urien, but i’ve seen that being able to do it helps a lot.


What do you mean?

The Shonen guy probably doesn’t use charge partitioning in his Urien game.

Man, 2 Aegis is enough. 3 would be murder. Corner beasting would be the equivalent to unprotected sex up the Aegis. It wouldn’t be right. People would die like flies and would pray for any parry they get.

Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion but being a semi-intermediate Urien player myself, that’s what I think.

2 is just right IMO. If you had any more it would just be too easy, and if the bar were shorter you wouldnt have the EX freedom you have with the current bars. I used to think that the bars were too long but once you get attacking with Urien , get your momentom (sp?) going, they shoot right up.

Genei Jin should have 2 bars (same as right now), and there should be no damage reduction. :tup:

Or let’s go with 2i: Ryu with 2 Denjin bars! w00t!

Aegis is fine. Genei-Jin needs a longer bar, and Shippu needs to be dropped by 1 and given a longer bar. Hoyouku-Sen should be reduced to 1 too.

:rofl: :rofl:

I’d love to have a 3-aegised Urien, but he would be too strong.

Only thing I’d honestly ask would be faster LP headbutt (just to stop Akuma’s tatsumaki nonsense)

Erm, when I rush someone down with 2 full bars or even a bit less than that I’ll always end up with 3 Aegis thrown out. His bar builds so quick when you’re juggling and what-not, I don’t see how people could think it’s not strong enough. And for those that’re whining it’s too strong, learn to parry it, it’s easy. :rolleyes: Jesus, I won’t even throw after I parry the Aegis traps, I’ll just keep parrying to make them feel stupid :badboy: And surprisingly enough they never try to get free damage from the gay traps again :devil:

If all they’re doing is repeated tatsumakis in the corner, prove to him you can beat it by full parrying it, which is easy if you can predict he’ll try to do it twice in a row. Full parry>back throw into corner>Aegis beasting^_^

this works only against a shitty akuma. Good ones mix it up, so odds are that if I try to forward parry I get thrown or low hit -> big damage. Backthrowing him into the corner is’nt actually the best thing since he can escape with teleport, when I get the chanche to parry/red parry (red is a lot better since there isn’t the huge and unfavorable guessing that blue parrying in that situation means), I try to damage him as muh as I can. then go to midscreen unblockable (if he then escapes, at least I damaged it with the combo. If he escapes from the corner, I only got him with the throw.
Being cornered by him is dealable but pretty bad since you are forced to

  1. Guess blue parry/attacks 2. Red Parry 3. hope he does stupid stuff like blocked sweep/LK tatsu
  2. is too risky, odds are against you and you’ll eat way more damage than you could deal by guessing right on the long run
  3. is not easy.
  4. don’t rely on that
    being forced to this simply sucks, so that’s why I’d love having a non meter move with faster enough startup to hit Akuma after blocked HK tatsu

Anyway Aegis should have 3 bars, deal shinku hadoken damage, have a larger and higher hitbox, deal 12 hits, decent stun and last longer.

Can Akuma teleport out of a meaty Aegis? I know it’s a reversal move for him, but haven’t really noticed the dilemma before.

yes he can. but as most akumas will try it and its predictable so you can dash and throw when he lands. it is real risky tho. mis time it in the corner and its a free high damage combo that you could have had a chance of blocking (if ure breaking his guard with overheads and lows).

WTF? Gouki can teleport out of a Knockdown -> Aegis while it’s over him in the corner? o.O;

of course he can if he wishes to do so (Blocking everything anyways is not too hard, since Urien’s overheads are not that fast), like he can escape all midscreen unblockables setups (corner UB is hard since the command for the teleport gets reversed - but GOOD LUCK getting Gouki juggled to the corner with Urien).

Urien’s f+fierce is unblockable.

If you understand/know all the setups and when to do them, putting him in the corner isn’t that bad.

i wish it really was

I still can’t know if he’s trying to block or to escape with teleport.
Sometimes I put him in the corner, it the depends on how the match is going too, but I usually try to get sure damage.


If you make people fear lows, any overhead is unblockable.

…but f+fierce itself is just unblockable.

Try to do block stun aegis mixups. Those you can’t teleport from, and then you corner unblockable, tackle, whatever.


I DO use blockstun mixups of course. And I vary a lot, it’s not like I follow a pattern. Players with good reactions (don’t need a good player, just good reactions) block everything at least 70% of the time. (and lately I have more success here with UOH than f+fierce)
Throw back into the corner -> aegis is not a blockstun mixup too until they decide to NOT teleport away.
Overall when I happen to parry/red parry/whatever makes me free to hit gouki when I’m cornered, I prefere to deal the guaranteed 35%~40% damage than throw back for less than 10% damage and then have 25% odds of dealing 70%+ damage.
If the match is casual I try more often, but if it’s a serious match (tournament/money/someone challenged me) I’d rather stick with guaranteed stuff