Aegis PROJECTOR! The Urien Video Thread


Li Joe’s reacting to Urien like a kid that just got his first console for Christmas is the very reason why SFV exists.

Updated with a video

lijoe showing a combo with a setup


Joe is a super fan of street fighter i respect that

Any video showing his v skill in action?

man his vskill give his headbutt tackles knee 1 hit armor…

1 mixup stun combo

Holy shit…

Anyone post this video yet. Desk did a Urien combo video

I also made a short CMV. I hope you`ll have fun

That video was great because it contained meta, which is absent from most urien showcasings. Shimmy, dp punishment, engine options with aegis, etc. Nice work

Desk video was trash but Fidoskins isn’t bad. Some interesting approaches to Urien and some stuff I was thinking playing around with too.


  • Back Throw to s.HP beats 3f normals after Normal Recovery
  • After HP Sphere, HK Knee Drop into c.HP beats 3f normals after both Normal and Back Recovery
  • After HP Sphere, MK Knee Drop can be used to stay infront before c.HP meaty
  • After HK Tackle, LK Knee Drop is positive on block, leading to the frame trap in the 2nd clip vs Ryu’s s.LP
  • After Knee Drop, it’s possible to followup with EX Tackle, for more damage/stun.

Might have to make a second video, fleshing out the notes above. heh.

Fido your video is sick, good shit man.

Been testing a lot of it.

With the new urien available, you can no longer do that series you do on gief;

s. HP (CC), dash, s. mp s. lp xx ex tackle VTX 1 hit (neutral reflector).

In the corner now, due to VTX animation, the reflector seems further away? anyhow it goes off screen and no follow up. Midscreen though, this setup still works.

For anyone testing other shit from his video or curious about it, the air fireball juggle on karin is a little tight, if they arent max height when the fireball clips them, drop the lk tackle and go straight into ex and it works easily.

Urien owns Gill

And if RX plays Urien in SF Five then everyone will get owned like this:

ok jdownloader lets dl this shit!

I dont think we will be seeing the same dangerous urien in 5. The 3s cast on iv and 5 were no where near as good. Hugo was trash in iv. But hopefully urien will be good he seems promising and ive got fm saved for him. Ive seen and played way better uriens tho on xbla played way better chuns and akumas than this aswell. But time has passed and its a new generation. I hope the uriens from 3s come to 5 oml that would be so.fucking dope. Can you believe the carnage shit.

There is no such thing as “way better” Uriens, Chuns and Akuma’s on XBL. If you’re referring to 3SOE it’s an utter joke at how terrible literally everyone is on there. The midtier players from GGPO days were “top players” on 3SOE and those kids never got better.

There are better Urien players than RX (and Kuroda) AND they’re on XBL? News to me…