Aegis setups questions

im not really into 3S before, but im playing it right now with great enthusiasm…haha! so here i am asking for Q’s…

about that aegis set-up in the corner,
any 4 hit juggle…>forward CRxxaegis, dash back, rdhouse CR, rdhouse KD,

uummm…problems i encounter
i can make it unblockable, but i cant hit the crouching fierce after i land from KD, but when opponent is chunli it gets a little easier

also when will you partition the charge before dashing backwards

do you have to stick with rdhouse CR and KD

lastly, is it done in the corner or just near corner…

thanks, for the help and patience…

forward knee drop for shotos

that was a good help,

how about for these characters:

thanx alot!!!