aegis setups...

ei, guys im a noob in 3rd st, could you guys post those unblockable set-ups for aegis urien…thanx a lot…

i dont know urien alot, coz i find him hard to play and on the dc u cant do the unblockable aegis behind the person, coz he can block it =/

but always do one after u throwed someone
do one after carriot strike or idunno what its called 2 seconds back, forward+k i think or if u hit someone with c.hp u can do one too

how about that one in the corner, c. Fierce, short tacklexxjab aegis, then…

i dunno bout all that but, c.fierce = c.hp so i guess its the same, an advice: if this is ur first time and all dont try to go with urien right away, his charge partitioning and stuff is wicked to understand

and if u wanna learn some setups, look at soms vids

listening to you guys talk is painful. Here is the thread:

crackshoot, in the Urien thread, there’s a dropdown menu wher eyou can choose to show threads within the last week, last month, last year…etc.

Choose “last year” and you’ll see all the past threads. Lots of info on Urien. Good luck.

i never said im good at urien, i just know a bit bout all coz of movies and all

I play with Urien a fair lot and there are sooooo many unblockable set-ups with him, too many that i can’t be bothered to mention them so make sure y’all check that link that was given.

anyways, not only on the console does the unblockables NOT work, but also the new arcade version as well, but in japan they usually have tourneys on the old version.

Even without unblockables, aegis SA is still very powerful and has many uses and traps, but u must be good at mind games, especially when you trap them after a reset. Even when you set it out on top of opponent when you floor them, u must keep them guessing to make them bounce off the reflector a lot, cause that headbutt cross over–>towards+ mk unblockable on a wake up shit doesn’t work on the new arcade and console versions.

like I said, too much stuff to cover with aegis on this post (plus can’t be bothered) so best to read the other link given by J Blaze.:smiley:

Tokido 3s Urien Combo

Does anyone know how to do tha combo Tokido did at EVO2K2 against Justin Wong…? He was using the Aegis Reflector S.A.


It’s in about 7,000 other posts, that’s why they have the search function. But here you go anyway

cr. FP, LK tackle, LP fireball, LK tackle XX LP Aegis, dash or walk back, HK tackle (pushes them into Aegis) HK knee drop, repeat

You can also do cr. FP, LK tackle, MP fireball, HK tackle, MK tackle xx Aegis, but the timing is alot tougher. It depends on how soon you hit them with the first tackle

I’ve been working on this setup for quite sometime now and it seems to work very well on Hogu and sometimes on Dudley. Still have to experiment on other characters.

  1. Hugo in corner.

Jumping HK or HP, standing LP, Standing MP, EX Headbutt
Crouching HP, MK Tackle xx LP Aegis, LK Kneedrop to set distance,
MK Kneedrop to guardbreak then the follow up of your choosing.

Note: The headbutt combo works even if Hugo’s crouching.

  1. Seems to work on Dudley (standing) and
    Hugo (Standing/Crouching). Again, still have to experiment with other characters.

Jumping HK or HP, standing LP, Standing MP, EX Headbutt
Crouching HP (2nd hit only), MK Tackle xx HP Aegis, MK Tackle.
Crossup with MP headbutt. Guardbreak then whatever.

Note: Dudley has weird juggling properties. Most of the time
I end up juggling him with 2 Hits from the feirce after EX Headbutt.
You can do LP Aeigis then crossup with HP Headbutt/RH Knee drop/Jump over.


something that I never bothered learning was the standing jab strong -> ex headbutt.

Is it different from the standing strong -> ex headbutt? Sliding the stick from down to neutral (press strong) to up (press PPP) is pretty easy.

When I try to do the jab strong at the neutral stick position, the headbutt doesn’t come out. Seems like it takes too long and I lose my charge time.

So is it down, neutral (jab), down, neutral (strong), up (PPP)?

Seems like a lot of stick movement for one extra jab…

For the combo rustblade9 posted you have to charge during the jump. When you land, goto neutral, hit jab, start holding down again, hit strong, then up and 2 punches.

At first I found it difficult, but you’ll get the hang of it. Thanks Bakemono.


for a aegis setup i do c.Fierce, ex headbutt, mp sphere, aegis then flip over. you could also cancel the mp sphere to a aegis fast so that the flip over attack whatever its called hits them then u can just normal headbutt over.

I dont know if this is a good setup or not just looks cool.Anyone here use it 2?

you can roll out of it very easily… there is reset variation of the combo:

ex headbutt, mp sphere, aegis, up under them)… then do your guard break stuff->combo
or throw(bounce of aegis)->combo

thx i didnt know u could roll out of it as for that aegis setup the tackle crosses them up?

i forgot to mention this combo works on shotos only =x

imo the best midscreen unblockable is still
since its unrollable.

I disagree with you on this statement cuz I’ve done the combo on other characters.


The one Aegis setup I had come up with a while ago but never managed to complete was teh following:

(midscreen) c. fierce (2 hits), EX Headbutt, EX Headbutt, jab Aegis, rh Knee Drop (gets on their other side), >+forward (when they’re getting up to start the unblockable), c. short, c. fierce (Aegis dissapears), EX Headbutt, s. fierce

Shotos are stunned by this whole sequence. There is one problem I could not overcome, and that is to build up the tiny, tiny bit of meter needed for the last EX Headbutt. I tried all sorts of stuff but couldn’t get it.

If anyone could figure out how to do it, that would be great.

so your setup doesn’t work??