Aegis Unblockable and Denjin hadoken

Is it possible to reversal teleport out of Aegis setups while in the corner that aren’t set up as unblockables for instance fireballxxaegis? Is it possible after quick roll? Also, is it possible with denjin hadoken setups after quick roll or without?

Is it possible to reversal teleport out of the unblockable aegis setups with quick roll or without? By quick roll I mean ground tech or whatever it is called…tap down when you get knocked down.

I seem to have a MUCH harder time reversal teleporting these after the quick roll. I was wondering if it was even possible to quick roll on certain setups do to the fact it would be less frames to go into an active standing frame you might already be getting hit as soon as you wake up.

Pretty sure you can reversal port out of any setup. If you are having trouble doing after a Qr then don’t QR.

For setups that you wake up into such as Urien knocking you down and throwing the aegis right on top of you, you can teleport out regardless of rolling or not.

You can do it for denjin as well, it just feels a lot scarier trying to do it cause if you fuck up then you’re 99% of the time guaranteed to lose the match right there

some people like to parry 1 hit then teleport immediately

That seems like more of a risk than the reversal.

In certain situations it’s the only way for Akuma to escape the Aegis mixup. For instance, if Urien does cr.HP->Tackle->f.MP reset, if Urien does fireball->Aegis, Akuma won’t be able to reversal teleport once he lands.

the window to parry is larger than the window to do a reversal, so that might be why they choose to escape that way.

Why not?

I think hes saying cause in that setup, the aegis comes out when you’d want to be buffering teleport. should still be able to get the teleport, altho it does make it harder

There’s a frame or two when characters land where they won’t be able to reversal any moves, including DPs and Teleports. The only thing they can do in this situation is either block or parry.

This was explained once in a Japanese 3S wiki where it explained terminology and basics. I think it was called TDK?

Thanks for the info.That really explains why resets with Akuma are so effective.

I am pretty sure it is impossible to reversal teleport after quick roll when in the corner and hit with firreballxxaegis. I can never seem to do it but without quick roll I can do it every single time. I’m pretty sure because it takes less frames to wake up and your already in the same situation as if you were reset in the air and landed.

If you do quick roll I’m pretty sure you would have to parry the first hit before you can teleport as well as if you were reset in the air .

This is really useful information because you are dead if you get trapped by one aegis or denjin setup. If someone could help me test this or find videos I would really appreciate it.

Just checked, you can reversal TP after QR and with an Aegis above your head. Aegis hits on the very first frame so you must do a reversal to escape.
Not sure about your fb/aegis setup, though i may be wrong but i don’t see why the fb would change this.

thats a good video, and the one on defending