Aegis Unblockable help



How does aegis form unblockables?

Like i know how to get the positioing of the Aegis right but i think my issue is positioning Urien.

If anyone can explain for me also what is the mechanic behind the Unblockable setup that makes it so? Knowing that will probably help my odds out at making a setup happen.


Basically an unblockable occurs when a character is attacked from both sides at the same time. With aegis, you throw a mirror from one side, then an attack from the other.

The simplest example is mid-screen on a downed opponent. Stand next to their body, do a jab aegis, then a headbutt (the headbutt puts you on the other side of the body). When they get up, do f+mk. The aegis hits from one side, and the mk hits from the other. The game doesn’t know which way to block.



I thought thast what it was. I thougth i had to cross over with Knee drop.

Do i have to do it as a meaty? or once the aegis starts hitting i can do the F+MK?


Meatty. You want to hit at the exact same time as the Reflector.

N - You should probably just hit up “My Style is Unblockable” in the General 3s section.


heheh i did wanna bother with the combo part that can coem simply with the knowledge of how it works and this thread has served it purpose. And besides if peopel do not wanna go through 101 post they havent read yet they can jsut continue that thread here :slight_smile:


I know you don’t really want setups and stuff on this thread but I just thought I would share a good unblockable setup that also helps you to time it correctly and allows you to do more damage.

A lot of people usually do this in the corner, after a few juggle tackles, they cancel into jab aegis and then either dash back and allow opponent to bounce of the aegis and then they push them back underneath with a charge partitioned rh tackle, then knee drop for the unblockable, or they just walk back and do a mk tackle ready for the unblockable. Both ways work but some find it harder to charge partition during a dash and some just find the timing and positioning of the opponent when doing a tackle hard to get them in the right place.

So a good way for an unblockable setup is this as well, do the usual tackles (not too many) and cancel into jab aegis, then when opponent bounces of the aegis reflector, jump towards them and hit them with j.fierce but whilst you are doing this, make sure you are charging down during the jump animation, all the way until he lands, then opponent will bounce off the aegis again (providing that you did not do too many tackles before the aegis) and again jump towards them and hit them with j.fierce and again whilst you are doing this charge down until he lands. Your opponent will have now landed back into the aegis on their feet and you will be able to execute a knee drop because of the charge partitioning from the 2 jumps, and voila, you will have created an unblockable. :slight_smile:


Err, everyone please ignore my above post, it seems that this trick is just a pressure technique rather than an unblockable. The reason being is that when you hit your opponent with the j.fierce, you hit them right back into the corner, meaning the positioning is wrong. Sorry I forgot about this, my bad.


Thanks for the tips man i did not know i had to parition the tackle atfer the dash in order to get the timing right. And i assume its a HK tackle in order to get the crossover which causes the unblockable.

Thanks Man


You don’t have to dash, you can just walk back and use a RH tackle to puch them into the aegis


HAHAHAH even easier for me :smiley:


HK knee drop for the unblockable, not tackle. Btw I may have said mk tackle if you are just walking back and not dashing back, that was a mistake, its actually RH tackle like agentz said.


Heheheh i goofed i meant to say Knee drop but i guess i was thinking tackel at that minute so it came out instead of the correct move. Thanks though.

Thios has helpoed me out huge, now i can do a lot fo basic setups 100% of the time. I think pretty soojn ill be doing VIDEO worthy aegis setups :smiley: give me some time