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What am I supposed to be doing against blanka? It seems like he just crushes her up close, with fast buttons and electricity to check anything makoto tries. And approaching him is like pulling teeth. The best I can figure is to stand in range and catch slide-ins, but hop/blanka ball check that incredibly well. I know you’re never supposed to go in on blanka, and that the match isn’t won up close, but I don’t see what makoto has that stop blanka from getting up close.


stMP stops every normals and every balls, you just need to worry about slide ( and maybe sweep but his is not far range ) when using it.

crjab or crMK are good anti hop forward normals too.
Blanka’s normals are awful, they’re just kinda weird.


I think W Ultra is the best way to play Makoto. It is great to have them thinking about which one I might use during the match and often I don’t use either. They don’t jump in as often for fear of Ultra 1 and will mostly go for cross ups which I can dash out of on wake up or if I am in the corner I can Ultra 2 use short and get full animation or use it for chip wins at distance.
I will often win due to them forgetting I have both Ultra’s.
What are your thoughts on using W Ultra as more of a mind f*** rather than trying to get damage?


Grapplers are her biggest challenge IMO. Mostly because you second guess the Karakusa and dashing in and under for resets.
Everything shoto is a fair fight if your IA Tsurigi’s are on point and you get a knockdown.


Grapplers are a lot more fair to fight than divekick characters.
Yun, Cammy and especially Rufus are just not fun fight, and it’s annoying even before they knock you down.

Grapplers only become a big issue ocne they put you on the ground. The footsies in those matchup are often where I have the most fun playing Makoto.
Her damage actually makes grapplers worried about making mistakes, which is pretty rare for them.

I usually tend to say she slightly beat Zangief, she’s even Hakan, loses slightly to Hugo, and lose slightly more to Hawk.


her worst MUs are Honda, rolento, elena, yun/yang, rufus,hawk & hugo! everyone else gets their @$$ kicked…


How is Honda’s matchup hard ? i’m just curious, i have no knowledge about it.


Ugh, its annoying because Honda jMP is really good at beating all or ground normals and a turtling Honda is hard to break, but I don’t think its too bad.
But given the choice, I’d play another character vs Honda anyday to avoid bad surprises.

  • All non-EX versions of Headbutt are safe on block without meter, and even with meter only MP and HP Headbutt can be punished with EX Hayate (of which they all look the same, they only vary in distance traveled)
  • All of his normals are faster and reach farther than hers
  • Faster normals means counterhit Hundred Hand loops off of jab confirms
  • Superior air-to-air normals
  • Faster command grab
  • Can cleanly punish all versions of Hayate on block

Makoto’s gameplan is to get the opponent into frame traps and make them afraid to hit buttons so that they only block and get opened up with Karakusa. This doesn’t work against an opponent who outranges her and renders her CH game completely ineffective from the very start. Smart Hondas pick up on this fast and will just know to press buttons whenever you’re within mid-range of them.

This match up is a hellish nightmare for Makoto players and demands some of the most resourceful and patient play you’ll ever experience in this game.


Crossup meaty cmk seemed quite powerfull to me. Headbutt ex has a bad startup and is punishable. Tsurugis can stuff many headbutts and if the opponent really insists on doing them, he will loose space. If you jump or make it wiff, the recover is huge. Small jump over a headbutt + tsurugi + dash can give you space / corner. sLP and sMP are fast enough to beat a hb coming. Comparing special grabs is quite strange to me. Makoto’s hurtbox is a gift for Honda, but so is Honda’s hurtbox. sMP > sMP works like a charm vs him. Only his crouch lp starts with 4f frames, every other move is 5f or more.

Thank you for the answer. I will try to fight a Honda player to truly feel the pain and deny all my theorycraft.


Ok. I have changed my mind.
If your not using Ultra 2 always then you aren’t playing her properly


You’re crazy.


What is your reasoning for feeling like Ultra 2 is the end all, be all Ultra to run with as Makoto?


For a challenge! Why else.
She is the most fun character to play by a large amount and I am a purist :slight_smile:


So we’re not playing her properly because of your personal preference, got it. To each their own, I guess.

Can we talk about how annoying it is to watch Karakusa whiff through a character’s model without grabbing them? Talking some stand still stuff here, no block or hitstun, just a total whiff because hurtboxes are dumb as hell in this game. Just had it happen to me twice against Boxer, can’t express how frustrating it is to see that happen. I get it he was probably just out of range, but c’mon shit I grabbed him all the way to his elbows at least, geezus.



Yo alright so I just had this happen to me tonight while playing. Remember how I said Honda players will recognize that all of their normals beat Makoto at mid range and she can’t really do much once they start hitting buttons? Here is that shit in action lmao

I fought this Honda in PS4 Ranked. The first match went really well. I made reads, converted off of opportunities, dropped only one combo but took the match pretty convincingly I felt.

I gave the same Honda a runback. Watch what happens. Watch his buttons. Watch how crazy he gets.

You can’t make this shit up lmao, when I said Hondas just start hitting buttons, they start hitting some damn buttons.
Sure I mistimed some anti airs that led to unnecessary damage, but just watch the last round of that second video. I’m sitting at mid range and he just won’t stop hitting buttons. I can’t hit anything either because everything he throws out is faster than what I’ve got at that range. He even does 2 raw EX Headbutts, just blows everything.

Once again, this match up is akin to pulling teeth, and then eating those teeth without the teeth you just pulled out.


I think you missed some opportunities. You didnt try to punish guarded ex headbutts once(sMK ftw). He did a lot of unsafe things. I liked the patience on your side but you didnt capitalize on his mistakes/yolo things. Honda is scary, but you should try to focus his buttslam or dash in it to go out of the corner. headbut is not that fast, your sMP can beat that. If you have the time to jump, you have the time to sMP. Tsurugi beats yolo headbuts if well done. When I jump on someone and gets the hit, i’d rather go for clp hayate (if i am surprised) than going for the confirm(clp slp smp). The jump hit is like a confirm on its own. Dash under beats a jump in when it’s hard to antiair while waiting. There was almost no footsies in the game, but a lot of jumps. If you feel the opponent is trying to counter poke you, use sMP instead of cMP. Your hitbox will be better, you can convert counter hits with it and startup/active/recover are way better. sHP, sHK are focusable. I like to instant focus dash forward in these moves, sometimes it pays off and in every case people will mash more when you try do these things, it’s time to block and/or hard punish yolo things. He did 3 hb in a row, he also did 3 big normals in a row, it was not very subtile by him, you could have capitalized if you recognized the (bad) pattern. But you were too scared at this point to criticize your opponent game and punish him. Both fights are very short, it shows both of you don’t know eachother matchup and/or had a bad defense. In the first fight you jumped out of a focus : that’s very dangerous(4 frames to jump where he could preemptivly have released the focus).

I hope i dont sound too harsh. Honda is a scary matchup because he does a lot of damage, but makoto has a better mobility and a stronger yomi.


You don’t sound too harsh, and I appreciate the advice. You’re right, I could’ve reacted more to his random shenanigans but I was too caught up because I was watching what I was telling you about earlier happen in real time right in front of my face and I was actually laughing out loud to myself. I mostly sat there because I just wanted to see what else that crazy asshole would do.

I don’t mind the loss, I mostly posted the vids just so you could see what I was talking about, to get across a point lol


Misse qualified for Topanga League B

Here’s the player list

B leaguer:
· Fall - etc. ( no idea )
· Pugera ( Ibuki )

  • Santaro ( Sagat )
    · Ninomae ( Rose )
    · Dashio ( Seth )
    · Nishikin ( Blanka )
    Sasaki ( Cody )
    · Pepedai ( Fuerte )
    Kawaguchi ( Cody ? )
  • Mago ( Yang )
    -Misse ( Makoto )
    · Gachi-kun ( Sagat )
    · Aiai ( Juri )
  • Shiro ( Abel )
    · MDR ( no idea )
    · 6 ( Poison ? )
    · Hagejin ( Gief )

Quite a few hard matchups in there.


what time does this start?