AEpc Lag?


Well its been happening very recent. My internet not only got upgraded but I got the technician to boost the line power a little. Now here is a recent speedtest:

Not too shabby. Its time warner, even though it says new wave. They bought them out. Its only been badly lagging for a week or 2 now. it normally goes away after a little bit but its just constant. My ping got much lower in other games with this upgrade (15/1 to 20/2) and its had a great constant, consistent connection too. Is there anything I can do? No malware on my pc, updates ethernet drivers, ETC.


I was gonna post this in the tech forum but that was pretty much 99.9% stick related talk. I’ve looked high and low on google with no avail. Its only AE lagging.


You’re using an ethernet cord, not wireless, right?


Oh my bad, wired.


It went away last night around 1am, just vanished. Hopefully it will stay that way, but are there any settings I could change in my router to help maximize packet flow? my router alreadt port forwards GFWL on its own.