Aerial Exchange after a ground bounce


Yes it’s possible! I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible for anyone other than Amaterasu, though.

In Glaive mode you can do (air combo) df+H then cancel into an aerial exchange, or delay the exchange so the animation whiffs and you can continue the combo

She-Hulk can do something similar with her d+H, but I don’t think you can actually do the exchange after the ground bounce; it just whiffs and lets you continue the combo.

Can any other characters do this?


The only other I know of is Skrull.


phoenix… off burning beak.


I am completely lost here. But She Hulk actually can successfully exchange if you use left or right+S after the down+H. The dropkick exchange doesn’t whiff.


that’s interesting, i’ll have to check it out.


wolverine after dive kick… I didn’t even know this was an issue?


deadpool can off of a cornered chimachanga.