Aerial Exchange after an air super video


Something i discovered last night while practicing some Morrigan Combos. Its super easy to do with her so i tried it with other characters as well. It works with Akuma, but the timing is difficult and tried it with trish aw well, but not for long. I think a Trish player can find a way to make it work. I haven’t seen any videos about this so i decided to make one, if this is already common knowledge, forgive my ignorance.



This is the first I’ve seen of this, interesting stuff.
Although with my team or Dorm-Ammy-Dante I can’t see this being too helpful unless Amaterasu can somehow do it :confused:

Question- would it be possible to (for example)
L,M,H,S,j.M,j.M,j.H - team aerial exchange x2 - air super - team aerial exchange again - finish combo - full team DHC? however you want?
I’m not near home at the mo which is why I ask.

Basically I’m asking if using the super resets the team air exchange and allows you to go again.


From what i tested all the matters is at some point you begin the air combo with (S) to launch or relaunch (imput combo madness here) then air special with delay - air super - exchange. The only possible limitations may be with multiple OTG’s, floor bounch, or wall bounce combos. I say that because i dunno if using the left, right, or down aerial exchange counts as a floor or wall bounce in the combo limits (one proper floor - wall bounce per combo)

It seems like it could be possible with Ammy, ive never used her so i cant speak to how mobile you are after her air super.

Another thing i forgot to show in the video is the exchange still works ever if you drop the combo. EXP - if you try to do the combo i showed with akuma, if you wait to long to do the air super it wont connect with the air tatsu. However, if the character falls back into the air super you can still exchange afterward, even though the combo was broken.


I bet this could work with Sentinel somehow. Off to testing.


:slight_smile: Very cool, very cool…



Uploaded this a couple weeks ago. Didn’t really bother posting about it because I figured it was either A) useless (scaling, or whatever) or B) maybe everyone already knew about it.

Still interesting.


whats everyones guess on how long it will take to patch this


It works with Trish if you can combo into Round Harvest and hit them with a launcher on the way up. I also do think this is useful because you can combo into a super then go into an exchange attempt, rather than having to exchange before the super and possibly missing out on good damage if the opponent counters it.


There we go, i knew someone had to have figured this out. It is cool though with the right team you can do 7-8 supers in one combo. Overkill, but it would look nice.


What would be nice is if someone can do this setup into a DHC glitch for a damage and hitstun scaling reset. Now that would be more than GDLK.
When I get home from work Im def gonna see if this is possible. I’ve got team DHC glitch, lol, Wol/Storm/Sent so I think there is a good possiblity of it working.
Wol/Storm/Sent all three have air hypers and the team has alot of DHC glitch setups if I can just aircombo them with storm and have 2 bars when I hit the ground.


I tried this with all of my characters this morning.
Wolverine: :s: ^ combo xx Drill Claw xx Fatal Claw link :d::s: (I was unable to connect Aerial Exchange after Air Hyper)

Storm: :s: ^ combo xx Whirlwind xx Electric Storm link :d::s: (I was unable to connect Aerial Exchange after Air Hyper)
:s: ^ combo xx Lightning Attack x3 xx Electric Storm link :d::s: (same, unable)

Sentinel: :s: ^ combo xx Rocket Punch xx Hard Drive :d::s: (I was unable to even see the Aerial Exchange come out)

So it didnt work with my characters but I still like this trick, im surprised that it hasnt gotten more attention.


Depends how many people you can rally to whine on Capcom’s Unity forums.


I really dont think it’ll work with sentinel, he has to fall to the floor before he can do anything after his air hyper. But for storm and Wolverine, did you try to delay your imputs between you are speical move and hyper?? Seems like that’s the key to get these things to work. Morrigan’s shadow blade gives you plenty of time, thats why its so easy to pull off with her.


this works if the air super recovers before hitstun allowing post-super hits (finishing shower, air barrage)…NOT ANY AND ALL AIR SUPERS (hard drive, Lightning Storm). whats the mystery here? or am i missing something?


well thats just it, I know you said there needs to be a 1-1.5 sec delay between the special and hyper. So thats why I tried both specials that would work for Storm.
And I attempted to delay my Hypers as long as possible but I couldnt ever get the Air Exchange to work.
Now If you would like to try it I would love to see if anyone else can do it.


Flame on Johnny

not all of us have the frame data sitting in front of us, so we actually have to attempt these things in the Danger Room. Now im happy for you that you can simply play it out inside of your massive Cerebelum but alas, I can not.


Looks like this might be another of the “things the QA team found that the community doesn’t know yet” that S-Kill was talking about. Nice find.


Excuse my ignorance because it wasn’t mentioned, but can the aerial exchange be teched as it normally can?


very cool. I’m going to have to try that.


Ill bet it can, but IDK since I can even get it to work for my team, so I can program the CPU to do it.

Id like to know what other char can perform this trick… So, if you find anything would you kindly post it up in here bro.