Aerial Exchange Counters = MvC3's form of 'Mash DP'?



Doing a 360 with the stick while mashing ‘S’ works like 95% of the time. (not implying that mash DP is effective 95% of the time, but its similar that you are mashing in the effect they miss a link, or in MvC’s case they call out their partner)

Or did I miss the memo about Aerial Exchanges being useless/not recommended?


It’s not so much that they were useless. People just don’t use them. As of now, I’ve only seen Mike ross actually actively use them in a match. Since they’re so rarely used, people rarely try to defend them. If you try to defend it and they don’t go for it, you will get rocked. The mashing doesn’t matter since…they’re used so inactively that you’ll likely get one or two exchanges in ANYWAY.


Mashing doesn’t work “95%” of the time. The input window for a counter is really small.


Because most people’s S aerial moves and recovers so slow, it is prime for resets. Punish all of those who mash


I get what you guys mean but why not just go for an OTG instead? You are putting yourself at a risk (even if it’s slight) bringing in another partner. Does anyone try baiting out mashers in the air?

With the way damage is currently I just don’t see why you put yourself at a risk to be countered when you could probably do enough damage with assists + OTG.


The risk is because it builds good meter, does meterless damage, and is a free tag… and keep in mind if you lose all it does is reset the situation to neutral. So it’s not a horrible risk, especially since sideways and downward generate obscene amounts of meter.


Apparently, you can bait it by letting them mash out an S and then punishing. I don’t know myself, since I rarely go for Exchange to begin with. I still haven’t gotten the hang of including it in my team set-ups.

It definitely doesn’t seem anywhere near a 95% counter rate for me. Against good players, I get much more consistent counter rates by figuring out their tendencies and teching accordingly. Since D+S gives a full meter and B/F+S gives half a meter, it’s a pretty straightforward mindgame. I only do the spinny mash thing against random scrubs online.

Down Exhange builds a full super bar instantly, plus the bar gained from the rest of the combo. Back/Forward Exchange is half a bar.

Also, there are only 4 ways to tag. DHCs and alpha counters both cost meter, and raw tags are hella risky. Exchange is very low-risk (it resets the situation to neutral) and actually builds bar.


Wow I did not know about the meter building advantages this had. Nice to know.


Let’s not forget you can still exchange, aircombo into S and still go for OTG.


And again, how many people are looking for an Aerial Exchange to defend in the first place?


I dunno about you guys but I’m almost always trying for an Aerial Exchange after a launch. I like that meter and Hsien Ko gets free Tenraiha after ending the set.


I’m really not a fan of the aerial exchange system - mostly because of how it can switch twice in one instance. The game would have been better off if there were no counters to aerial exchanges, but you could only do one exchange per combo.

Right now the mechanic is mostly used by scrub spammers though. The people who try to throw out 50 unibeams/tatsus/charging stars per match. If they ever somehow get you in an air combo, you can be sure that they’ll try going for two reps of aerial exchange combo because that’s all they can do.


The masher has a 1 in 4th chance of breaking an aerial exchange. If you’re foolish enough to exchange in a direction where they’re mashing, that’s your fault. You can always opt for an OTG instead. It’s like a multiple-choice test; what are the odds of you getting it right off a random guess?

The hatred for this game is going way too far.


1 and 3 chance

Left and right count as 1.

Marvel vs Capcom 3/Systems/Air Combos: Aerial Exchange - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!


It’s fine how it is. Team Aerial Combos are very low-risk and high in reward. It shouldn’t be something that is difficult to counter or that can happen consistently.


i use it, i think i only got counter 3 times total, so I’m keep going to use it until people can counter it consistently.


Who gives a shit?

It’s a cool feature, another option to throw in the mix, looks hype, feels awesome, and is essential to playing Phoenix.

Don’t know why people wanna cry over this.


Mike Ross is honestly the only person that I’ve seen make use of them regularly. But, yeah, you’re right. He’s a scrub spammer. :coffee:

Let’s look at it this way though.
Pros: - Builds good meter.

  • It’s a free tag if you’re low on health.
  • It’s an easy way to extend the combos damage.

Cons: - You can be reset to a neutral state.


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The only good thing about aerial exchange is that it build metter. And for people who play Phoenix ( like me) it’s an awseome feature and you should use it everytime since you can’t use your metter .


Yeah it dosnt do crazy damage in itself but the system is just way to random and unpredictable to counter effectively with some hint of skill for my taste. Like out of all my matches ive played 2 people who constantly use it and ive only been able to guess right on the counter like 5 times.