Aerial Rave 1.1- STL ranbat results

1 Andrew Rexroat(rex0r)
2 Aaron Harris (aka)
3 Jeff Blyden (kurasa)
4 James Cardoni (humbag)
5 Paul Dziuba (superfx)
5 Allen Sun(aks216)
7 Cameron McCloud(german luger)
7 Ben Shull (kaal)
9 Hector F (horeku)
9 Ben Ivester (benra)
9 Anthony Eason
9 Josh
13 Kyle Bauer
13 Eric Permenter
13 Ryan Merritt
13 Jesse Chounard
17 Kaelen Ramos
17 Thomas Felder
17 Josh Hicks
17 Corey Lenier
17 Matt Stevens
17 Timmy Sala
17 Charles Brown

Small tournout just made competition more intense. Thx everybody for coming out hope to see you at Aerial Rave 1.2 June 20th, the weekend after MWC. Come out and get those points people.

Team tournament-10 teams

1st.Team Fray- Humbag/Rex0r
2nd.Team Unknown- JJJ/Doc Holliday
3rd.Team Fuckface Go- AKA/SuperFX
4th.Team Shoulda Won Singles-AKS216/Kaal

grand finals

Nice job taking another one, Rex.

Good shit to Jeff, Ben and AKA also. Hope to see you fellas at the next one, or at the next Max out.

I know who most are, but add handles if you got em to the list.

It was a really tough field out there, with some seriously good play in most of the matches. I think stl is gonna rock mwc hard.

Chounard - Like I told you at the tourney, you got a lot better since last time. I had to bust my ass for that win.

SuperFX - You repped that Honda and paid me back for mash out. Good shit.

Kurasa - It’s funny I hadn’t actually seen you play at the previous tourneys, your rog is for real.

AKA - Akuma was so, so pro. Just angry.

germanluger - Claw is bottom tier? Your spacing on wall dives was awesome.

Rex - Who can stop this man?! Your will to win is amazing.

aks - Thanks for the play and the host, I need to get better so you won’t have wasted your time lol. I should have stopped hitting rematch around 3 am, you prolly would have played better with more sleep. Good shit on coming out though, need to be ready for that mwc.

KC - Can’t believe no one but me and afro came. This is where the real shit goes down.

Shout out to everyone in St Louis. I drove up there from Memphis for Aerial Rave in April. I couldnt make it to this ranbat, but hopefully you guys will see me in the near future.

Rexor. Good shit on winning this one, and in KC.

Kurasa. Wasup? Glad to see that you and the whole St Louis crew still holdin it down.

Just to let you guys know… There will be a big(hopefully) tourney in Memphis. I am planning to fly in some “top players!” I am trying to get in contact with Gootecks and some guys from the westcoast. Besides the pot that will be gathered together, i got the owner from a local gaming store to throw an extra $300.00 into the pot. i am also planning to give $100.00 to the winner.This tourney will be after EVO… I’m thinking sometime in September! So right now the prediction is a $1,000 dllr pot for 1st place.

good lookin

GGs again everyone.

Rex our match could gone either way in the winners semis. It was good.

Sorry I couldn’t make it this round, but good shit to my nigga Rex for holdin’ it down.

I’mma try to split some conks at the next Aerial Rave. :looney: