Aerial Rave 1.4 Results - St. Louis, MO

Once again, good shit guys. This was a fun event! See you all on September 26th!

Street Fighter IV
1st - AKS
2nd - Rex
3rd - AKA
4th - JJJ
5th - GermanLueger
6th - Llama Humper
8th - Lyquid
9th - Weeks
9th - Devil
9th - RAELI
9th - Vandal Hearts

Street Fighter IV Teams
1st - Rex/JJJ
2nd - Hector/German
3rd - Vandal Hearts/Llama Humper

1st - AKA
2nd - Promega
3rd - Warden
4th - DC
5th - Kri
6th - Kurasa
7th - Black Hat
8th - JJJ

Street Fighter 4 - ($115 pot)

27 pts - Rex
24 pts - AKS
20 pts - AKA
16 pts - JJJ
9 pts - Shekeib
8 pts - Kurasa
5 pts - GermanLeuger
4 pts - Humbag
4 pts - Kaal
4 pts - NKI
3 pts - Twilight Fox
3 pts - 4GottenKazama
3 pts - SuperFX
3 pts - Hanma
3 pts - Llama Humper
3 pts - Horokeu
2 pts - Lyquid
2 pts - Promega
1 pts - Dr Penick
1 pts - Zenkix
1 pts - Ben Ra
1 pts - Eason
1 pts - Blicen
1 pts - Kiet
1 pts - Chounaurd
1 pts - AJ
1 pts - Devil
1 pts - Weeks
1 pts - Raeli
1 pts - Vandal Hearts

hey jeff, 12 + 4 should be 16 pts for me, not 15…:rofl:

Looking forward to the vids.

in my head, AR is called:

aerial rave: where aks, rex, aka, and jjj ALWAYS take top 4.

correct me if im wrong, but these 4 are consistent with those spots. no one in stl will ever change that. sure you can say you are improving, but what makes you think these 4 arent as well.

grats headed out to the kingz. thats all.

Fuck that!!! I’m shorting you a point bitch!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

sorry bout the no show. no reason for me to go either since it looks like barely any kof12 people were there. we need 8 people minimum to go ahead with a tournament imo.

Bah, I didn’t reach my goal in this AR. I suck as usual :crybaby:. Need to working on my game more I guess. NP

Gratz to Alen for 1st.

Ben + devil
Thanks for coming out to Saint louis. Too bad we ddin’t play any match. Next time

Good shiz to everyone else. It was a blast.

I’ll be there next time for sure. I’ll run the tourney myself if I have to. And grats to Raeli for actually placing.

it’s Rufus man.

Hey I got 4th one time. =P

Good shit to the placers in SF4. The top 4 truly are consistent with success. Allen, it’s great to see you on top. Ryu of the midwest!

Nice job to Aaron in BlazBlue. No surprise there. Where my surprise is, is with Ragna. I HAVE to see that in action. Who is Promega using?

i actually used a bunch of different characters. it went like this i think…

bye, honda(2nd round), rufus(3rd), sagat(4th), ryu(winner’s finals), sagat/sagat/rufus(grand finals 1st set), sagat(grand finals 2nd set).

I was using Rachel.

Good Shit to those in SF4.

BB and SF4 finals

get them while they’re hot.

blicen put up all the sf4 vids he had.

good shit. now everyone can see my scrubby ass sagat.

fuuuuuuuuuuuck scrubby sagat…:annoy::rofl::looney: