Aerial Rave 1.5 Results - St. Louis, MO

Once again, good shit guys. This was a fun event! See you all at Aerial Rave 2.0 on November 7th!

Street Fighter IV
1st - Rex
2nd - JJJ
3rd - Warden
4th - GermanLeuger
5th - Kaal
6th - Axiom
7th - AJ
8th - Blicen
9th - Kurasa
9th - Chachi
9th - Enygma
9th - Nobody

Street Fighter IV Teams
1st - Rex0r(chun)/JJJ(blanka)
2nd - Warden(Dic)/GermanLeuger(vega)
3rd - Axiom(chun)/Chachi(ryu)

1st - AKA
2nd - Radian

Street Fighter 4 - ($134 pot)

36 pts - Rex
24 pts - AKS
23 pts - JJJ
20 pts - AKA
9 pts - Shekeib
9 pts - GermanLeuger
9 pts - Kurasa
7 pts - Kaal
5 pts - Warden
4 pts - Humbag
4 pts - NKI
3 pts - AJ
3 pts - Blicen
3 pts - Axiom
3 pts - Twilight Fox
3 pts - 4GottenKazama
3 pts - SuperFX
3 pts - Hanma
3 pts - Llama Humper
3 pts - Horokeu
2 pts - Lyquid
2 pts - Promega
1 pts - Dr Penick
1 pts - Zenkix
1 pts - Ben Ra
1 pts - Eason
1 pts - Kiet
1 pts - Chounaurd
1 pts - Devil
1 pts - Weeks
1 pts - Raeli
1 pts - Vandal Hearts
1 pts - Chachi
1 pts - Enygma
1 pts - Nobody

Jesus @ 3 way tie for fifth.

Looks like I’m going to end the season in ninth, unless Warden doesn’t show for the final Ranbat. Next ranbat I’ll be in Basic.

I coulda swore German teamed up with Warden this time around, since Hector didn’t make it out.

Yeah, I don’t recall seeing Hector at all.

is the ranbat season over? if so…what are the payouts?

Last ranbat is in December, is what Jeff said.

Good shit for running this Jeff. Another great tournament.

Me placing in top 5 for SF4 is pretty ridiculous. I’m so bad at that game.

Blaz was a blast. AKA, good to play you. I learned a lot from your Ragna. Although I didn’t catch onto anything until after the tournament, those were some good matches. See you in November, sir.

Anyone who can, try to make it out to Max Out next saturday, in KC. :china:


Thx to KC for coming out, ill try to make it there but i dunno if anyone else is going.

Warden did team with german, those are the results from last months.

Teams was


If theres one ranbat iv clinched first right?

Good shit Rex!

LOL!! My bad. Its fixed now (thanks Rex)

Yeah Team Coin Flip up in that bitch.

Next time I’ll let John come up with a better name (assuming he doesn’t run back to Kong by then)

Also, I know you’re tired of hearing this but thanks for putting together another great tourney Jeff. Too bad about Ogre’s not working out, new place sounds pimp though (anything with a Church’s Chicken by it has to be the juice)

Great fights guys. Always good to battle with everyone.

This tourney was nice, it ran much faster than last time. Good shit to KC for coming out, I desperately need to sit down and play against your Nus. I wanted to join in on your casuals with AKA, but I had to head home.

Hey, at least I got finally got points in this season, so I don’t have to kill myself anymore. Next season I’m gunning for top 3.