Aerial Rave 2.1 Ranbat - St. Louis, MO - January 23 - Results

Street Fighter IV Singles - 21 Players

1 Rex0r : $147.00 - Ryu/Rufus
2 JJJ : $42.00 - Blanka/Cammy/Gen/Bison
3 Lyquid : $21.00 - Rufus
4 Raeli - Rufus
5 German Luger - Claw
5 Mr K - Seth
7 ScampJohnson - Dhalsim
7 Big Dick Fuerte - Fuerte
9 StaleNoodle - Chun
9 Kiet - Rufus/DHalsim
9 CJ - Rufus
9 Tumbleweed - Honda
13 Bael - Rufus
13 Warden
13 Alex
13 Ben
17 Sala
17 Axiom
17 Metal
17 Sempu
17 Mike

Overall Rankings SFIV singles

1 Rex0r - 9 pts
2 JJJ - 7 pts
3 Lyquid - 5 pts
4 Raeli - 4 pts
5 German Luger - 3 pts
5 Mr. K - 3 pts
7 ScampJohnson - 2 pts
7 Big Dick Fuerte - 2 pts
9 Ramen Noodle - 1 pt
9 Kiet - 1 pt
9 Cecil/CJ - 1 pt
9 Tumbleweed - 1 pt

SFIV Teams 2v2

1 High/Low - Dave, Hector
2 Grandpa and Son - Rex, JJJ
3 Team Scandolous - Benra, Lyquid
4 Cool Runnings - Luger, Ramen
5 Team K - Mr. K, Kiet
5 Fat Men - Raeli, Tumbleweed
7 Burger King - Sala, Warden
7 Menace to Sobriety - Scamp, EdCB

**Tekken 6 **
1 4gottenkazama : $70.00
2 Hanma : $20.00
3 Axiom : $10.00
4 Eujene
5 Benra
5 DC
7 Benard
7 Kiet
9 CJ
9 ShinChaos


1 Axiom : $21.00
2 Warden : $9.00
3 Sala
4 Alex
5 DC
5 Bryan

awww yeah


It’s DAVID and Hector. Glen ditched me early, but I’m not complaining. Abel and Fuerte whoopin’ that old man’s ass.


Good shit to Hanma and 4gotten for the wins in Tekken. I was a pretty salty bastard at the tournament, but in hindsight, you guys just got a lot better. I’ll be better prepared next time.

SFIV, I’m hot garbage, I just needed to be reassured. Mr.k, German Luger, good shit, I enjoyed the lessons.

Blaz… eh.

Good job to Lyquid for repping KC so well in singles, and to Team Scandalous for doing what they do in teams. :china:

Oh, and real talk: Fuck whoever played on my stick (Black Rufus stick) with a watch on, my plexiglass that I just bought is FUBARed now. Thanks a lot, bitch.

well, grandpa is getting too old…lol but fuerte sure didn’t survive grandpa’s 50 hits death combo… :rofl:

It was pretty fun tournament. A lot of hype and upset. Eventhough I was hella tired (going on 24 hours with no sleep), I enjoy it a lot. Thanks Blicen for doing a great job running tournament. Thanks KC /warden for coming.

good stuff in my first tournament

thnx everybody for making me welcome… putting a face to everybody’s names’ online was pretty rad

I assumed I’d go 0-2 but i actually gotta couple wins - even the sun shines on a dog’s ass apparently

Ramen… thnx for the chun tips… i def need 'em.

big props to hector for beating “j” and “rex” back 2 back “MOST IMPRESSIVE”

big thnx 2 blicen and rex for putting it 2gether

What is it with all the damn 360s lol, y’all runnin’ some kinda gamestop tourney?? I suppose since there’s so little turnout for t6 and bb you might not care, but goddamn.

GG’s to those I played in sf4.

Thanks to JJJ for giving me a taste of winner’s.

Thanks to JJJ and Rex for showing me how far I still have to go.

GGs everyone. Blicen, this tournament ran very smoothly (even with only 1 tv for tekken and BB, amazingly). KC getting 3rd in SF & tekken is no small feat, grats fellas. Axiom, it’s hard to beat you in BB when you don’t leave yourself open (-_-).

Oh, what a time. I’ve taken a serious beating in SF4 these past couple of weekends, and I really don’t know what’s wrong with me. Either I’m getting worse or everyone else is getting better much faster than I am.

Big ups to Warden and Axiom for taking the 1st and 2nd place spots in BB. I wish I could have entered but ofcourse I had to be at work.

Axiom-Those were some good Litchi vs Jin matches we had before I had to leave. It would have been nice to see us go at it in the tourney for some money. We’ll play again next time.

Steve- Good shit for winning Tekken. Now…about that food I bought u…(Juss playing)

Rex-Killed SF4 again. Been at the top spot for a while…Aren’t u tired of looking down at the rest of the playas…Maybe I’ll get serious bout 4 and join the rat race…

Good Games to those I played in casuals on BB. Shit was fun and I hate that game…

Holy Fucking Shit your SRK name and avatar rule.

Any video footage? I want to see Rex doing work with Ryu.

GG’s all. Figured i needed some new characters for a new ranbat. So much easier to scrub out and come back with rufus and ryu :D.

Glad all the missed ultras came in teams >_<, even though i let my grandpa down :(.

Still good turnout, and lots of upsets. Lets go stl!

Chachi- there is video of me losing to hetor in teams after i got a little :wasted:. Hopefully the gf were recorded too, first set was rufus, second all ryu and had some cool stuff in it. Cross up dp that hit a non-cross up into backdash purple stuff was pretty wierd.

Shouts out to KC and SPFD(CoMo too, i see you silverfox) for coming out. Axiom- i wasnt trying to make you mad, just showing the flipside of it. Lyquid beat me in the same fashion minutes earlier(hence the mocking), and im sure he wouldnt like it if i was a dick to him because of it. Basicaly KC in general seemed to have some sportsmanship issues after matches. i geuss its just cuz im old school and thats the way it was done in 2000-2001, but yo you cats need to start shaking hands after losses at least before you guys storm off and pout. When i was taught, rule #1 was the aftermatch hand shake. To walk away without it is extremely disrespectfull and does not help make the case that you were the better player.

Sala- good lookin!(for that potent two hit combo)
EdCB-good lookin!(white castle)


No case to be made, whoever won was better right then and there.

I’m a salty fucking guy. I have a seriously hard time losing with dignity when it’s to people I don’t believe are better than I am. When I lose when I feel I should (to better players, more knowledgeable players) I’m pretty much always on it with sportsmanship. On the flipside, when someone beats me that I don’t feel should, it is almost a given that I’m going to act like I did on the spot. I bitch, and tear for a while, then I get my shit together, and give my props online, post-tournament. It’s something I gotta work on, but when people do it to me (it happens quite a bit) I’m pretty chill about it, because I understand that rage.

Usually that second time around, that person has my respect because they whooped my ass previously, so the post-match is a lot more positive, even if I lose again.

I don’t know, this is just how I am. It IS disrespectful, but it’s mostly because it takes me a few hours to register what happened, and the respect to slowly generate after a more thorough post-tournament reflection period. That first few seconds, and subsequent minutes after my games, there’s just no way I’m going to keep it together, so I just try not to talk to anyone outside my crew because they’re the only ones that are used to that behavior.

No justification for it, I know it’s not cool, but these are the reasons I have, however bad they may be.