Aerial Rave 2.2 Ranbat Results!

Sup homies! Thanks to everyone that came out. This was one of the most fun Ranbats yet! Here are the results.

SFIV - 20 Players
1 Rexor : $140.00
2 AKS : $40.00
3 Mr K : $20.00
4 Scamp
5 Big Dick Fuerte
7 Lyquid
7 Edward CB
9 Chounard
9 Invader Skoodge
9 Gnarr
9 Warden
13 PJ
13 Sala
13 GermanLeuger
13 Promega
17 Raeli
17 Psychoshot
17 Sparkster
17 RamenNoodle

SFIV Teams - 8 Teams
1 Hector - JJJ : $64.00
2 Rex - Allen : $16.00
3 Ramen - Leuger

1 Rex0r - 18 pts
2 JJJ - 10 pts
3 Mr. K - 8 pts
4 AKS - 7 pts
4 Lyquid - 7 pts
6 ScampJohnson - 6 pts
7 Big Dick Fuerte - 5 pts
8 Raeli - 4 pts
9 German Luger - 3 pts
10 Edward CB - 2
11 Ramen Noodle - 1 pt
11 Kiet - 1 pt
11 Cecil/CJ - 1 pt
11 Tumbleweed - 1 pt
11 Chounard - 1 pt
11 Invader Skoodge - 1 pt
11 Gnarr - 1 pt
11 Warden - 1 pt

See ya’ll in March!

Yeah great to see everyone coming out, MRk beating JJJ thats whats up!
Big dick fuerte running amuck in the team tourny as usual.

Allen- gg’s always down to the last round of the set. Thx for teaming up.

J- gg’s

Jeff- u da man!

Sala- u already know!!! good look. I ended up finding a pickup footballl game with peaches :slight_smile:

edit: Jeff chars played =

Rex(ryu, vega, blanka, boxer, rufus)
Allen(akuma, ryu, rufus)
MrK(seth, gouken_)
JJJ(blanka dic)

gg’s guys.

sploodge/gnarr - good shit knockin me and rex to loser’s in teams. very unexpected. sorry if it looked lik we were salty. i’m pretty sure we were both joking around. we were just surprised it happened. but i keep tellin rex to watch out for como cause we serioooous!

jjj - good shit winnin teams. LOLOLOLOL, when i said we lost, you were like…“riiiiight”. haha, you didn’t believe us. hahaha, it was funny you wanted to watch that match to learn something. we’ll team up NEXT team tourney though :slight_smile: i’ll play ryu in it to try to make sure we win, lol.

mr k - ok, i HAVE to give you props now. you definitely have gotten better. you’re starting to play safer and not doing random dp’s as much. everything you are doing seems very planned now, good shit on gettin 3rd.

lyquid - good shit comin out. your match against jjj was actually impressive. you played the match correctly. but not punishing blanka balls cost you.

rex - gg’s in teams. man, for real…i like my akuma a lot, but never puts up good numbers for me in tourneys :(. your ryu is pretty solid. your style is fireball game style…which is the best style to use with ryu imo. but if you’re going to play that style, you can’t play scared fireball tactics. this is the best ryu advice i’ll give right now…do you ever see ryu players throw fireballs, and like are afraid of a jumpin, so they kind of wait and see what opponent does? they are playing too scared. that’s not good. chris hu plays that style and it’s why i’m pretty sure i can beat him. like when you play the fireball game, you just do or you don’t. if you’re gonna fireball, just fireball, be confident…if you think they will jump, go STRAIGHT into footsie game, don’t sit around waiting…waiting for like split seconds is good to get your reaction ready, but other than that, just go for the footsie. dp’ing jump-ins is a given too. for footsie, main poke of and secondary whiff punish poke as if they jump over, you have time for DP, so buffer in that motion, but do a late buffer so you can auto correct as well if needed. but yeah, i won that one round with akuma against you because you used as your main poke trying to get lucky, lol.

if you ever watch japanese videos, you will NEVER see good ryu players stall and wait around. they either play the fireball game, or play the footsie game…and the transition is so smooth. that’s my little tid bit :slight_smile:

hahahahahha I forgot ALL about this. I’m so fucking good! hahahahaha lol

eh, at least i lost to good players this time. :expressionless:

still a little salty about 0-2 though.

gg’s to all. fun tourney once again and good to see baby allen in da house…lol

hmmm, somehow I can’t take mr.k seriously because he talks to me alot during the match…lol too bad he didn’t face me in the loser’s or I would make him stfu…:badboy: btw, he is still a dp masher…:stuck_out_tongue: just watch him do the dp motion… he mashes it 3 times for 1 dp…LOL

and gg’s scamp…lol I guess losing the first round is not a bad route to get 4th…:rofl: I was like… daymmm… how did scamp place higher than me when he lost to me first round…lol

and when I played lyquid, I was like… let’s just check if he knows how the matchup works…lol and when I saw him block the balls wrong, I was like… time to abuse some garbage…LOL

and… INVADERSKOOODGE is NOT the guy you can mess with…:lol: when I went in the room seeing rex and allen quietly sitting on the chairs…

me: “have you guys played yet?”

allen: “yeah, we just lost the first round…”

me: “… riiiiiiiiiiight…” lol

allen: “ummm, we REALLY lost…”

me: “W…T…F… who did you guys lose to??”

allen: “invaderskooodge…”

me: “dude… I played him in the singles and he is not bad, but just how did you guys lose?? I wanna see it…LOL”

allen: “he jumped in at us…” :rofl:

so are we really gonna see team azn brodaz ver. 2.5 next time??? I am excited…lol

finally, nice doing business with you, fuerte kid~ you are now 2 times the team champion…lol

Yeah, I’ll remember this ranbat especially. PJ and Scamp are definitely good. But I feel like most of my losses were me throwing away the game. I had PJ juggled, and didn’t go for the Ultra, which would have won me the match, and whiffing my Ultra against scamp which would’ve at least took me to a third round…man that shit HURTS. I also felt very sloppy against JJJ’s bison. And this was after I took out skoodge. Every time I got in on JJJ I never capitalized, whether it is dropping combos or whatever. shiit, I just gotta keep my head screwed on better I guess.

Still, it was good talking to all you guys again, And I had a good time. Let’s do it again sometime.

Very sorry I missed this, had some prep work to do for a job interview. Hopefully I"ll be able to make it to 2.3, I’m on the east coast two weekends in March. :confused: Any idea when it’ll be?

Raeli, out of curiosity, who’d you drop to?

Scamp and PJ, same people as Ramen. Very good/close games.

Man, every time I go to a tourney I always feel like there are never enough tvs and consoles set up so I can play everyone I want. Missed out on Luger, Ramen, Lyquid, and one match with JJJ & Rex is not enough. Good shit everyone, it was a fun time, even if it was a little crowded.

I can’t believe I’ve only earned 1 point this season…STL is no joke! I still feel like I had good matches, I didn’t just give away any victories this time, so I’m happy. I just have to figure out how to reach that next level.

gg’s J, no doubt, you owned me… lol i’ll let you know when i lose a first round in a tourney. I guess being seeded has it’s disadvantages too. :rofl:
Here’s the best route to 4th:
Six and Two baby!
-“scrubbin’ my way to the top!” :clown:

Yo, congrats* again* to my Incan Homeboy!

And congrats to Edward for a strong finish in his second tourney ever!

Good shit yesterday. Going 0-2 in Singles was pretty damn shitty, but at least I lost to two good players and found myself a teammate for Teams.


I had a lot of fun at this tourny, I’m real happy about how I played and I’m excited for the next one.

I gotta say, you guys better watch out for CoMo. We are looking to cause some real chaos in these next ARs!!:chainsaw:

Team Como took down Team Fray and that shit was NOT A JOKE. They got lucky the second time around. It won’t be like that next time:rofl: But really Skoodge carried me on that shit so I guess I can’t talk TOO much shit.

Anyway gg’s to everyone I played. I always love to come up to STL and get games in with you guys.

Team CoMo!

I had a blast coming out. I’m definitely gong to try and come out for these more often. Como is getting serious! You guys better watch out for when I actually learn how to play this game. This shit will be on.

i’d like to see team como try to win when fray plays their actual characters.

como is fray that i would beat them by myself.

glen, don’t talk shit to my peeps. they’re cool, i play with them regularly. i’m tryin to get a good thing goin here. LOL, that sounds gay but for real. como is on the up and up and i’m willin to bet that outside the top 4, they will soon be able to take out EVERYONE in stl. :slight_smile:

como crew > mid rivers crew

c-squared > cry me a mid river

como no homo > mid rivers on ice (yes homo)

columbia missouri > round robin derby

co mizzle > mid rizzle

Who are team frays actual characters? They both used chars they are very good with (Allen - Akuma, Rex - Ryu). It’s not like they chose characters they planned on fucking around with. Anyway, its all in fun and I had a great time doin team tourny.

Como is on that UP AND UP BOOOOYYYYYYYY!!!:karate::tup::badboy::rock:

And good looking out Allen. There are only a few in STL that I got my eye on that need to be taken care of :nono::lol:

Whooooa, ramen/luger took team como not just to school…but like, pre-kindergarten. And Mrk and Scamp both made top 4. Id say como got a ways to go, but you guys def have some potential!

Jay- mortons! i love it. 2-0 that was rough… :stuck_out_tongue: Lets go MidRivers! :slight_smile: (you might wanna turn the shit talking down a little though steve, but hey, maybe not hehe :smiley: )

MidRivers round robin this friday at 6pm btw, come level up!

edit: But yeah team como beat us legit as fuck that round, we got em back though :).

can’t forget about illinois.

str8 world warrior raeli, riding the metrolink with nothing but 50 pounds of gaming equipment and the will to win

JJJ my matches against you were the best part about AR to me, I played pretty poor all day but I stepped it up a little against you. It’s sad it took me an entire game to start punishing ball correctly, I kept trying to do it knowing I was doing it wrong, that was stupid lolz. I got revenge on that Cammy tho :chainsaw: