Aerial Rave 2.2 Ranbat - St. Louis, MO - February 20



4501 S Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO 63109

1000 - Registration begins
1000 - Casuals begin
1400 - Street Fighter IV
1500 - Tekken 6
1600 - BlazBlue
1600 - TvC: Ultimate All Stars
1700 - Street Fighter IV 2v2 Teams
2100 - Casuals end
2200 - Venue closes

$5 - Venue Fee ($0 if you bring a full setup - $2 if you bring a TV or System)
$10 - Street Fighter IV RANBAT- 70/20/10
$10 - Street Fighter IV 2v2 Teams - 70/30 ($10 per team entry fee)
$10 - Tekken 6 - 70/20/10
$10 - BlazBlue - 70/20/10
$10 - TvC - 70/20/10

The Deal:

  • $1 of each SFIV entrant’s TOURNAMENT fee will be added to the SFIV Ranbat Pot.
  • The Ranbat Pots will be split amongst the top 8 ranking players at the end of the season.
    *Don’t worry fellas. We WILL be throwing FREE money at the ranking battle pot.

Ranbat Point Payout
1 - 9 pts
2 - 7 pts
3 - 5 pts
4 - 4 pts
5 - 3 pts
6 - 3 pts
7 - 2 pts
8 - 2 pts
9 - 1 pt <- This is the equality point.

Ranbat Season 1 Prizes:
1 - 50% Bonus pot
2 - 20% Bonus pot
3 - 10% Bonus pot
4 - 7.25% Bonus pot
5 - 5% Bonus pot
6 - 2.5% Bonus pot
7 - 2.5% Bonus pot
8 - 2.5% Bonus pot

Tournament Rules:

  • Double Elimination
  • Rounds are best 2/3 (unless otherwise stated)
  • Standard matches are best 2/3 games
  • Winners/Losers/Grand Finals are best 3/5 games
  • Winner keeps same team/character
  • Pausing the game will get you a GAME LOSS
  • Programmable pads are BANNED
  • Game Freezing glitches are BANNED
  • Game Resetting glitches are BANNED

If you have any suggestions or comments, just leave em here. We want as much input as possible to make this series huge!


If you placed last season, contact me…I have your cash!!! <— Seriously…unless you don’t want your money

Results from Aerial Rave 2.1 for SFIV rankings

Overall Rankings SFIV singles

1 Rex0r - 9 pts
2 JJJ - 7 pts
3 Lyquid - 5 pts
4 Raeli - 4 pts
5 German Luger - 3 pts
5 Mr. K - 3 pts
7 ScampJohnson - 2 pts
7 Hector “Big Dick Fuerte” - 2 pts
9 Ramen Noodle - 1 pt
9 Kiet - 1 pt
9 Cecil/CJ - 1 pt
9 Tumbleweed - 1 pt

Thanks Josh! I’ll update the first post sometime lol.

Damn, Jeff. That’s super fast. I suppose you’re trying to make sure it stays in February, and I appreciate the fact you’re not clashing with us. I just wish it was the week after ours. A lot of KC is going to a convention here that weekend. Ben and Josh may be able to make it though.

Cool, I’m off that day. I’ll be there. This time, I’ll be a bit late though. Need at least couple hours of sleep after work.

Good shit. I got a mexican jumping bean that needs to be squashed as well as some unfinished busness with a certain KC rufus.

Yes Time to do in the dungeon and begin the training.

Since I wasn’t able to make it to the first AR of the season, I’ll definitely be going to this one. Get hype!

Yes Sir I will try to be coming to this. So excited grammar just messed up lol.

^Slevin, is that you?

What’s up guys, Im upset at myself for missing last Ranbat

I think I placed 6th in the singles with 3 pts, but I’m not sure, but regardless I’d love to come and play some more for sure

We might make it out to this one Jeff, we will be in Columbus tonight working on A&G Ohio. Lets talk, Javi, Mandy and Myself might come out and play, maybe we’ll bring Jason with us from A&G.


will there be xboxs for sf4? or would we have to bring our own to make that happen?

hmmm, its usually a mix of whatever everyone brings to use. It was almost exclusively xbox last time though.

i always bring an xbox setup

I always bring no setup

I will bring an Xbox setup with SF4, BB, and maybe Tekken 6.

I will also bring my laptop with BB:CS.

Good shit Manny! I hope to see ya’ll!

@Gnarr - There will be XBricks…er…I mean XBoxes :lol:

i think i need a ride. anyone able to hook me up? i wanna bring my setup so we have more than like… 5. but smmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and chris aren’t going. :expressionless:

Just drag your monitor and system on the metro :D, JJJ style- train dont scare he dont scare.

Anyone feel like practicing tonight(get out of class at 9:30) or friday?