Aerial Rave Ranbat 1.3 Results - St. Louis, MO

Thanks for the strong turnout guys and thanks for being so hype! I apologize to all the players that had to wait with me to get the place opened. It was supposed to be opened at 9, but Rob didn’t wake up to do it until close to 11. It was still crazy fun though!!!

Street Fighter IV - 28 Competitors
1st - Shekieb (Zangief - Columbia, MO)
2nd - Rex0r (Boxer/Blanka - St. Louis, MO)
3rd - AKS (Ryu/Chun/Sagat - St. Louis/Columbia, MO)
4th - NKI
5th - AKA
5th - JJJ
7th - Kurasa
7th - Promega
9th - Kiet
9th - Hanma
9th - AJ
9th - Chounard

Street Fighter IV Teams - 14 Teams
1st - Glen-Player(sagat)/JJJ(blanka)
2nd - Rex0r(boxer)/AKS216(ryu)
3rd - AKA(akuma)/Shekeib(gief)

BlazBlue - 9 Competitors
1st - AKA (Ragna - St. Louis, MO)
2nd - Warden (Rachel - West Bum Fuck, MO)
3rd - Promega (Rachel - St. Louis, MO)
4th - Sterling
5th - Kurasa
5th - Cri
7th - Kaal
7th - JJJ
9th - Koga


Street Fighter 4 - ($88 pot)
20 pts - Rex
15 pts - AKS
15 pts - AKA
12 pts - JJJ
9 pts - Shekeib
8 pts - Kurasa
4 pts - Humbag
4 pts - Kaal
4 pts - NKI
3 pts - Twilight Fox
3 pts - 4GottenKazama
3 pts - SuperFX
3 pts - Hanma
2 pts - GermanLeuger
2 pts - Promega
1 pts - Dr Penick
1 pts - Horokeu
1 pts - Zenkix
1 pts - Ben Ra
1 pts - Eason
1 pts - Blicen
1 pts - Kiet
1 pts - Chounaurd
1 pts - AJ

Good shit Shekieb/Rex/AKS

and AKA in BB

Counterpicking to Nu is gay. That is all.

GGs to all I played. Looking forward t the next one. :slight_smile:

at least i got my revenge on shekieb in the teams >_<

Team tournament results:

1st.) Glen-Player(sagat)/JJJ(blanka)
2nd.) Rex0r(boxer)/AKS216(ryu)
3rd.) AKA(akuma)/Shekeib(gief)

oh and jeff whats good with points? i assume my lead has grown since jay and aaron finished soooooo far back this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Shekieb is GODLIKE!


I looove smashing rex’s dream and taking his money in the team tourament~

Good shit Rex.

GGs all. This tournament was real fun, I’ll definitely be back.


dude… did you even watch the winner’s final and grand final? glen never got to play rex because… I TOOK CARE OF HIM BOTH TIMES…:rofl:

I can’t fuckin stand Rachel mirror matches. Oh well. Good games.:rolleyes:

oh noes doc be salty!
KC is even better in blazblue, looks like only aaron gonna be able to run with em in that shitty shitty game.

GG’s to all. This was a good tourney with a nice turnout. I will definitely return…

A lot of weird stuff happens with projectiles and wind when two Rachels do it at the same time. I just won by the slimmest of margins, it could have easily gone your way. I saw you busting out some sick combos on people, I gotta hit up practice mode more.

what can i say? it was good.

AR points? who cares. top 3? we know who they be. it wont change.

me? im done with AR. i am now AR spectator only.

JJJ blanka so fucking naaaaaaaaaaasty

lol… he is a wild animal after all~

Well that was the second time I played in 2 weeks, so I was fuckin up alot.


Don’t be a hater. BB is fun, just has a couple balance issues that need to be addressed and the game will be just fine. Good job, as always.