Aerial Rave Ranbat 1.4 - St. Louis MO - August 22, 2009


**DATE: SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 2009 **

4501 S Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO 63109

1000 - Registration begins
1000 - Casuals begin
1200 - Street Fighter IV
1300 - BlazBlue
1400 - KoF XII
1400 - Side Events begin!
1700 - Street Fighter IV 2v2 Teams
2100 - Casuals end
2200 - Venue closes

$5 - Venue Fee ($0 if you bring a full setup - $2 if you bring a TV or System)
$10 - Street Fighter IV RANBAT- 70/20/10
$10 - Street Fighter IV 2v2 Teams - 70/30 ($10 per team entry fee)
$10 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl SIDE EVENT - 70/20/10
$10 - Super Turbo: HD Remix - 70/20/10 [Contact MissingPerson]
$10 - BlazBlue - 70/20/10

The Deal:

  • $1 of each SFIV entrant’s TOURNAMENT fee will be added to the SFIV Ranbat Pot.
  • The Ranbat Pots will be split amongst the top 8 ranking players at the end of the season.
    *Don’t worry fellas. We WILL be throwing FREE money at the ranking battle pot.

Ranbat Point Payout
1 - 9 pts
2 - 7 pts
3 - 5 pts
4 - 4 pts
5 - 3 pts
6 - 3 pts
7 - 2 pts
8 - 2 pts
9 - 1 pt <- This is the equality point.

Ranbat Season 1 Prizes:
1 - Trophy + 50% Bonus pot
2 - Trophy + 20% Bonus pot
3 - Trophy + 10% Bonus pot
4 - 7.25% Bonus pot
5 - 5% Bonus pot
6 - 2.5% Bonus pot
7 - 2.5% Bonus pot
8 - 2.5% Bonus pot

Tournament Rules:

  • Double Elimination

  • Rounds are best 2/3 (unless otherwise stated)

  • Standard matches are best 2/3 games

  • Winners/Losers/Grand Finals are best 3/5 games

  • Winner keeps same team/character

  • Pausing the game will get you a GAME LOSS

  • Programmable pads are BANNED

  • Game Freezing glitches are BANNED

  • Game Resetting glitches are BANNED

  • (3S) Gill is BANNED

  • (TVC) Fiery Ruins Stage is BANNED

  • (GGAC) GOLD characters are banned

  • (GGAC) SHADOW characters are banned

  • (GGAC) EX characters are banned

  • (T5DR) Rounds are best 3/5

  • (T5DR) Random stage select

  • (T5DR) Jinpachi Mishima is BANNED


If you have any suggestions or comments, just leave em here. We want as much input as possible to make this series huge!


Street Fighter 4 - ($88 pot)
20 pts - Rex
15 pts - AKS
15 pts - AKA
12 pts - JJJ
9 pts - Shekeib
8 pts - Kurasa
4 pts - Humbag
4 pts - Kaal
4 pts - NKI
3 pts - Twilight Fox
3 pts - 4GottenKazama
3 pts - SuperFX
3 pts - Hanma
2 pts - GermanLeuger
2 pts - Promega
1 pts - Dr Penick
1 pts - Horokeu
1 pts - Zenkix
1 pts - Ben Ra
1 pts - Eason
1 pts - Blicen
1 pts - Kiet
1 pts - Chounaurd
1 pts - AJ


Reserved -

$5 - Standard Venue Fee
$2 - Pricing if you bring a TV OR a System for tournament play
$0 - Pricing if you bring a TV AND a System for tournament play

There have been some issues with this during the last 2 events and I just covered the difference myself. Help me out a bit and note the prices.

Hopefully I can still make it with Brawl being a Side event only now. I’m hoping my crew still heads out.

Also, I’ve found quite a few people interested, I’m going to try to run a SC4 tournament as well. $5 entry fee, 70/20/10. Custom characters BANNED. Button mapping LEGAL.

So since Brawl is still a side event, will it have to start at 2 PM? Or can we start it once everyone registers?

Yeah, that was my question too about that event. I would guess since you guys would be bringing your own TVs and Wiis, that Jeff would say it’s safe to run it at noon like always, but of course, what he says goes.

I think the reason he says side events at 2 is a lot of the setups that the side events are being run on are going to be used for SF4, so he doesn’t want a bunch of side events being ran that cut into the amount of needed setups for the main tournament.

Oh okay, gotcha’ completely.

Will this tourney be more PS3 or 360 for SF4 and BlazBlue? This would be my first event and I am just curious as to what the availability has been in the past. I am only on 360, but I wonder how different platforms are handled at events like this. I may consider bringing a system, but if there are only PS3 players then I wouldn’t see the point of bringing a 360. Is there a 360 bracket and a PS3 bracket or are all the players thrown together?

I know, barring me being unable to show up, I will be bringing a 360 BlazBlue setup. Blicen would be able to bring both. There would still be quite a bit of players with 360’s for BlazBlue. I wouldn’t worry about it.

And it’s the same bracket for both systems.

I have a wedding to attend that weekend, but best of luck to all my fellow crackheads. :tup:

Thanks Missing Person for the reply. I guess my concern would be I have a Hori stick for 360 and since I do not have PS3 I have no stick or even a pad for PS3. I understand most tourney players have just went ahead and bought sticks or pads for both whether they own the systems or not. I honestly doubt I have to worry about going very deep in the bracket since I am maybe a hair above scrub, but it just crossed my mind that I may be facing someone on a PS3 without a pad or stick. I am delaying buying a PS3 for as long as I can, but I may have to still get a stick for tourneys anyway. I wish a multi-platform stick that worked for 360, PS3 and maybe even PS2 existed. I have heard rumors and modders speak of such things, but I don’t know how reliable they are.

What does anybody else think? I doubt I am alone in this situation so any suggestions on better sticks or multi-console solutions would be greatly appreciated. If I have to build from scratch it would be great to know a site for solid stick building tutorials. I may be able to fumble through building one. I hate the thought of going back to a pad now that I have some time in on my Hori.

I realize this may be addressed on other threads and I don’t mind looking at those other threads, but I thought I would start with this thread just because it sounds like we have a lot of STL love going on in here and maybe there’s a chance of finding something locally. I prefer local vendors if I can find them.

Eh, I guess you don’t visit Tech Talk often. There’s some very reliable dual-mod solutions in there. Specific ones: the Cthulhu, the Imp, Bomberman’s guide on how to dual mod with the Cthulhu. I am no electronics genius, but I dual-modded my 360 Fightstick with no problems.

But honestly, I wouldn’t really worry a lot about not having a PS3 stick unless you have some very specific setup that you’re used to that no one else would have (I have to as I use only Seimitsu parts); if someone’s not in a match and has a PS3 stick, as long as you bring it back to them, they are usually down with people borrowing their stick for a match if you let them know you have a 360 only stick.

But if you want to try to get your stick dual-modded, I would visit the Tech Talk forum, it’s a fountain of info. I wouldn’t have even known much about sticks or the plethora of options without that forum.

Thank you. I will do more homework and figure something out.

MissingPerson is officially my favorite SRKer. I’ve been out of town due to a family emergency of sorts, so I haven’t really been checking the boards as much as I would have liked.

@Hazbin - MissingPerson hit the nail on the head. We usually have 1 or 2 Xbox setups for SF4 and people are usually cool about letting others borrow their sticks/pads. As for dualmods, the Cthulu MC is the way to go (

Also, sells a very good converter.

Lordy, now I’m having f0rest flashbacks :rofl:… don’t worry about ps3, there’ll always be someone to help out as far as controllers are concerened.

Wow, hope everything’s better now Jeff, but glad I could hold down the fort in here with some semblance of decency! :lol:

I’ll have a dedicated 360 setup for KOF12 at this one.

I’m still thinking I should be there, so here’s hoping that stays true.

Hollas up!

GoGo Aerial rave, first place this month will all but seal the deal for the ranbat :smiley:
who gonna stop me? shekeib’s ass is in japan muahahaha, im in there.

also to the new guy- people will let you borrow sticks but they will also let others borrow a 360 stick so its all good man, aerial rave is realy relaxed and laid back about stuff like that.

kaal- if humbag and nki are not gonna be there this month you better gain some points on em and get that top 8 :slight_smile:

Well i just found out due to a engagement I have to attend that I will not be able to come to this next AR. Let me put my two cents in and say that if I could make it I would have entered the KOF12 competition. I like that game and want it to get some kind of tourney following. Ah well. Next month