Aerial Rave Ranbat 1.4 - St. Louis MO - August 22, 2009

I may not be there, but if I’m there, I’m in top 3.

I’m calling it now. I’m feeling confident.

lol thats easy to say when we all know you scured and gonna back out :rofl:

two from joplin coming for sure.

There will be an Xbox360 mahval tournament at aerial rave! (i assume this is cool jeff?)

$5 entry
roll/dan/servbot are banned
everybody should try this shit out! its better than blazblue :wink:

the ps2 -> 360 one is good, but not this one. He wants the Mayflash one if he would go this route.

the 360 -> anythings = dropped inputs everywhere.

edit: did a little digging in the TO, found this:

sold by laugh, pretty cheaply i might add.

lagless + no dropped inputs.

So I’ve exhausted every resource, trying to get up here, my crew backed out again (smashers, lol), and despite having another person wanting to go this time, i can’t find anyone with a car to head up. So I’m not coming again. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

and to top this off, depending on the dates on the next two ranbats, i won’t be able to come until the major in november.

anyone willing to run HDR for me?

That’s pretty lame. I can run it if the need be. Get hype bitches!!!

You the man, Jeff.

Oh yeah dude, when you going to do one of those hookups in Carbondale that you mentioned when I was leaving in June? Or was that said? I was going on little sleep, so I could’ve hallucinated that, but I was sure you mentioned for me to PM you my number? Did I even do so?

My Lord, I’ve gone crosseyed.

Thanks for the tip Raeli, but you are a bit too late. I went ahead and ordered that Crossfire converter Kurasa pointed out to me. It’s on its way to my house as we speak and I do hope you are wrong about it having lag or missed inputs. I will find out this Saturday I guess since that will be the first time I use it. If not oh well, live and learn. I am glad to hear there will be plenty of PS3 sticks to borrow in case and I am looking forward to the tourney. I am likely going 2 and out, but it will be my first time so I have to get some losses out of the way, but I hope to learn a few things in the process.

yeah sticks will not be a problem, dont worry about going 0-2, happens to most the first time out. just come for the experience and to learn and improve.

Does a setup include just the system + game? Might be trying to run to St. Louis to pick up a cabinet, might as well go lose at a tournament if I’m going to be in the area. Can probably bring PS3 + IV if needed. Has HD on it as well.

That would be great man. Hope to see you there.

jeff- join my fan club :smiley:

Looking for ft5$10 money matches at the rave, kaal i know you want some of this whiteys match! I know some ya’ll niggas gotta be hungry to take this cake :).

Who’s all planning to enter KOF12 at this point?

hell yeahs lets gooooo

I plan on it. That game is the Jesus Juice…fresh squeeze

Sik, this is gonna be so tight. Pardon my swag, but I don’t understand the time format on the first page, I think it’s military but I’m hella retarded. I’m guessing 10:00 am? Can someone hook a brotha up?

Yep. 10am start time. 10pm close time.


Aight much love man.

Looks like I’m not going to be able to make it tomorrow. Today’s my wedding anniversary, and the wife and I have decided to celebrate on the weekend.

Ramen: In case you haven’t already seen it, check your email.