Aerial Rave Ranbat 1.4 - St. Louis MO - August 22, 2009

I’ll bring dat system (PS3). All the downloadable fighting games are in em’ in case we need a full blown rig. Get hyped mutha fuckas!!! It’s in 8 hours!

Double-Post my bad. I was just wondering if it was possible to register later than the 10:00am? I understand that it completely ruins the format and everything, but in the event I am unable to make the opening registration time, could I be just a tad bit late.

You’ll probably be fine, we don’t really ever start at 12 sharp.

Who can do RSF 2 hit into slide now? That’s right ladies and gentleman. /Gigah Busta

Hopefully I don’t go 0-2 like last time =/ Curse flowchart Sagats!

I could do that 3 years ago.

Sad I missed this but had to move in.

i’m either good at neither the singles tournament not the team tournament, suck at singles and are godly at teams, or vice versa.

today, vice versa.

imo godly at singles means you win

Just wanted to say thank you to all the fellas out at Aerial Rave makin’ my brother and I’s first tournament experience a great one! Mad skills out here in the midwest, I had no idea hahaha

Specific shout outs to Jeff, Leuger, El Fuerte, and Rex, thanks a lot guys, especially you, Rex, for letting my brother have a second chance at ya in the doubles tournament.

Midwest rep

Edit:Oh, and my bad for leaving so early, I totally forgot I had made dinner plans with the folks out in Delmar, so I couldn’t stay for the rest of the festivities and finale.

Double Edit: Just wanted to represent the county boys from Webster Groves. Holla.