Aerial Rave St Louis Results (4/4)

Thanks to everyone that came out and made this tournament a huge success! We had 107 players, and thanks to you, Ogre has agreed to run monthlies! Keep an eye out for the next tournament announcement.

At any rate, I’m really tired right now, and I have a long day ahead of me, so I’ll keep it brief for now. I’ll be back with pictures and vids later.

Oh, and an apology to the TvC players for my shitty Wiimotes. They would randomly die for a second or two at a time cause all sorts of bullshit. You’ll see in one of the TvC vids both players just backing off for a few seconds due to this.

Street Fighter IV - 54 players

  1. David Cheung - DC1902 (Abel)
  2. Andrew Rexrot - Rexor (Boxer/Blanka/Honda)
  3. Paul Irving - PJ (Akuma)
  4. Jay Cheng
  5. Brad Vitale
  6. Ben Shull
  7. Steve Scott
  8. Adrian Dotdot
  9. Cameron McCloud
  10. Aaron Harris
  11. Jeff Winters
  12. Lhenon

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core - 12 players

  1. Aaron Harris - AKA (Eddie)
  2. Rob Grays - PRO(Dizzy)
  3. Atrice Fuller - Promega (???)

Street Fighter III: Third Strike - 10 players

  1. David Cheung - DC1902 (Yun)
  2. Skyler Sneathen - Soundatron (Twelve)
  3. Jeff Blyden - Kurasa (Oro/Yun)

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection - 14 players

  1. Brad Vitale - Slips (Eddy)
  2. John B - Axiom (Feng Wei)
  3. Courtney - The Founder

Tatsunoko vs Capcom - 6 players

  1. Jeff Blyden - Kurasa (Karas/Ryu | Doronjo/Souki)
  2. Paul Irving - PJ (Polymar/Ryu)
  3. Dedrich - Grunt (Karas/Chun Li)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix - 23 players

  1. Brad Vitale - Slips
  2. Andrew Rexro - Rexor
  3. Aaron Harris - AKA

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - 4 man Round-Robbin

  1. Nick Inabnit - NKI

Super Smash Bros Brawl - 47 players

  1. Thinkman (Jigglypuff)
  2. MetalMusicMan (Meta Knight, DDD)
  3. Amazing Ampharos (Gaymanwatch)


It is my understanding that PRO was the Dizzy player and should be listed as second here. I believe Promega played May and should be in third. I know that the correct two people were playing in the grand finals. If these two players could confirm this, I’d appreciate it.

I’d like to thank the Guilty Gear players for bearing with me. I was trying my best to make sure the correct matches got played and everything was recorded accurately. The tournament was already starting really late and I wanted to get it moving.

I had a lot of fun overall. It was great seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new ones. I will defanitely be making an effort to come monthly when more of these are held. GGs to everyone I played (which is quite a few people).

Congrats Slips and Rex on taking HDR. :slight_smile:

Also PJ on 3rd in SF4 good stufffff

Really wish I could have made it, oh well next time.

Good ish on the tournament Kurasa. I had a blast. Woke up today feeling like I went into an actual street fighter where everyone had a baseball bat but me. But it’s cool.

I went there with only 4 hours asleep, I’m surprised I lasted until we left. But I had a blast. Tournament was well ran, and had a wide variety of players. I actually came home, after an hour nap on the ride home, and played XvSF, and was doing ish that I had never done in that game before intentionally. So it was definitely a learning experience, and I’m pretty sure once I remember and dissect all that went down in my matches, I’ll be back next month with better gameplay and more lessons to learn.

Shoutouts to Kurasa, NKI, Rex0r, Axiom and all the other cool guys I played on here and talked to that I can’t remember your usernames due to sleep deprivation (e.g. dude taller than me that owned my chun with vega in ST:HD/talked with me outside the venue when I was going to grab some food). Hopefully this is the start of a major scene in this area. Hopefully nothing will stand in the way of me showing up next month.

Mad props to Ogre for the venue, he was good on making sure everyone was happy.

I’m interested in these results :bgrin:

Good shit everyone, wish I could have been there. Monthlies here we come!

Post Top 8!

I wanna see my name :frowning:

I have the SF4 grand finals I should get them up soon. Dat was a tight tourney thanks to Jeff and Ogre for making it happen.

Pics of the winners:
Here’s STL best 3s and SF4 player strutting his stuff:nunchuck:

GG champ(in the red):looney:

Mango NKI :pleased:

Bridget w/loli assist :lovin:

Slipz the slut banger also the HDR and T5dr champ:smokin:

STL on fire. Glad I didn’t go 2 and out. Final 8 sf4 was really great stuff.

Good shit everybody. Cant believe how many people came out to this! Splitting the pot in a tourny this big was awsome as well :D. Not to mention beating NKI and then getting my revenge on AKA in losers finals of SThd, syxx you lucky you didnt come :p. Finals were fun, the first set of both finals were fun, the second ones not so much :p. ST chars used were AKA-cammy, i played blanka and slips came wit dat dirty claw. Venue was tight, the hype was hot, cant wait to see everyone next month! Dano put losers finals up, gawd i played bad but they were hiiiiiiype at least.

Interesting results all around!

David I wanna play your Abel!

Didn’t you beat NKI in MVC2 as well? Or was it someone else? Or did he just run over everybody (everybody being…all 3 of us.)?

Roflcopters, I got a pic of her on my cell (the cosplay, not the little girl). Oh God, Chris Hansen, I swear I’m telling the truth.

Were you the dude that beat me with Vega in STHD?

Great tournament. A lot more people than I expected.

Kurasa - Thanks for running this, sir. You did a good job.

Slips - Good shit. The ass beatings in SF and TDR respectively will not be forgotten, and I will take from them what I can. I will do my best to get revenge next time around. Congrats on your tourney victories.

AKA - Guilty gear machine, Otherwise known as “The Dean”. “You’re going to sit here, and tell the DEAN, to shut up and let YOU teach?.. just tell me that’s what you’re saying.” “… That’s what I’m saying” “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” :lol: Best line of the night. Good talking to you, and playing you man. I will do my best to pump the local scene when Blaz hits. Good shit on your win.

DocHoliday/Promega - Thank you for the wise words and matches regarding my guilty gear play. And I will look forward to our correspondence. Good job in your tourney as well.

Ben-ra - Great to meet you, and good talking to you. I was watching that Boxer… you are very clutch. I’ll look forward to our local get together.

To anyone I played and talked to, good shit. Congrats to all the placers.

And since we rolled as strong as we could to your tournament, (7 KC players in all) we would appreciate if you guys could consider a trip to ours as well: MAX OUT, Saturday, May 2nd.


Good shit to STL for doing work, hopefully KC can match your intensity someday. I’ll have to settle for placing 13th for now…

PJ- Best Akuma I’ve played, keep doing work.

Slips- Fuck yo kara throws, next time we’ll get some more matches in

EmX- Please don’t kill me.

Atrice- Rep that QT son. Every hit guaranteed.

Everyone else I played- GGs. :tup:

Big thanks to Kurasa for hosting and doing a very good job running the tournies.

And ggs to all as always. Big thanks to KC for making the trip out.

Axiom, yup we finally got to play, and you have a very solid eddy, good job repping well yo, kc is pretty strong in Tekken it seems.

Chachi, hah yea kara throws are nice. Lookin forwrd to next time.

And yea, a lot more people at this event than I thought. I think next time it may be even bigger. Was very fun.


Yeah. Played May and Im not PRO

Great job guys, and good job to the Balrog I fucked up on (this is EL FUERTE). Great Balrog; punishing my repetitive jump ins. Hope to go to the next local tournament with my loop down. I want to play David’s Abel as well as Rexor’s Blanka.

hey Horokeu, this is this other EL FUERTE that got peaced out in the first round.

Let’s add each other for some mirror matches, i don’t fight those enough.

Good Shit on how far you got in the tourney. You were striking in fear in the hearts of many top players that day. :rofl:

Oh yeah, that was me interrupting you getting your food, missing person.

It was definitely cool meeting you and chounard.

We’ll definitely get some more games online.

Yo Horokeu you gotta post up your contact info in the STL thread man. Everyone wants a peace of that Fuerte.

Good shit to everybody, especially Jeff. I know running a tournament is a lot of work. Real talk, you should invest in a megaphone. :tup:

Next time I’ll try not to get DQ’ed from SF4. :rofl:

I lost first round to a guy named Etsuro, and then eventually to Rex. In the infamous words of UMSL Urkel: “GOTTA GET YER COMBOS…” :looney: