Aero City Control Panel buttons?

I’m trying to replace the buttons on my Aero City control panel. I bought the common Sanwa buttons and they don’t fit. I original buttons have a little nub and the diameter is a little smaller? What the hell kinda buttons go on this control panel?


pics plz?

The button on the left are the ones that came with the control panel.


The OBSN buttons I tried to replace them with cannot be forced into the control panel. It’s weird, happ comp buttons BARELY fit in the holes.

the sanwa’s will fit. Its snug, but those fuckers do not move once they’re in.

if happs barely fit… maybe you have a chinese astro panel… ive seen them a couple times and had to dremmel the holes out to make it fit.

that’s the only thing I can think of. those don’t look like any sanwa or seimitsu button i’ve ever seen, or even any japanese button…

Could be really old school, but, I highly doubt that.

I guess I’ll try punching out 30mm holes on that control panel. I hope the buttons still fit next to each other after I do that. I put some competition buttons in there for now but it feel guilty about it.

Thanks guys.

Anyone know where they sell the 30mm hole cutters?

here ya go man…

took me forever to find this as the metric is not native here. Thats going to be a real bitch to do though since the holes are already so big. Generally have to drill a 10mm pilot hole in the CP for the post on the hole punch to fit through and properly align the holes. Maybe if you put some spacers or a piece of wood with a pilot hole in there it would be sturdy enough to support the die cutter. Good luck man, was hard enough with the 10mm hole. Depending on how many you need you might consider buying 2 of them. By the time I got to the 4th and 5th button it was getting dull real fast, the 6th button I did not think would make it.

Either that or take it to a metal fab shop and offer the guys some pocket cash to do it real quick for you.

have you tried screw in buttons? It should fit

Damn, thats expensive. Found one at home depot but it was 32mm for like 8 bucks. My brother has a drill press. Just clamp that shit down.

Don’t fit.

Ill send you my old one if you want it man, if your bro has a drill press you should be fine despite how dull it got. Could probably sharpen up the cutter too. just cover the shipping and its yours.

let me know if you want it, dont think I will need to add any buttons to anything again. At least I hope not.

Cool :slight_smile:

PM me your paypal addy again. I’ll send it back to you if you ever need it.