Aerocity restoration

Aerocity Sega cabinet

Hello guys i recently bought an aerocity cabinet in pretty bad condition for 150 USD , running games from an old Xbox . My goal is to restore from 0 . So I need all information need it.
From control panel to stickers .

So , 2 months ago I was searching on internet for an arcade machine, but here in Mexico is really expensive to import an arcade machine (3000 use at least) . So searching In Facebook market I found that arcade machine.

The arcade machine location was 2 hours from my house. The guy who sold me makes me a video all to figured it out if the arcade can be loaded in my car.
Talking with this guy told me that he lives in a ranch.
Here in Mexico is pretty dangerous to travel those kind of areas because we don’t know exactly what kind of people are dealing with, I offer 50 ducks for the delivery and finally he accepted it , At the end the guy accept to delivered but at cost for 50 bucks more.

I waited for 5 hours just to he arrived to my home the rest is history
Anyone can help me?

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Your image links are all broken.

Sorry I’ll upload again

I updated images files

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All components andcables and everything is in bad condition , so I’ll start from 0 to rebuild this beautiful arcade machine

I forgot what’s it’s called so I have to get back to you, but there a rust remover that’s really really good.

So it’s this stuff

it will not harm existing paint, yet pulls all the rust and oxidation out.

As for wiring, Anything between 18 to 26 gauge works. Try your local hardware store or electronics parts store.

Also you posted this in General Discussion instead of Tech Talk, you want Tech talk as more people can help you out there.

@Pertho Can you help this guy out and move his thread to Tech Talk?

Great, I’ll star to dissembled next Saturday, I have to make a plan for that machine.

I need info about all electronics components I think I’ll start to make a setup with rhe panel control so .
What are the components to buy?
I already have 2 sanwa joystick. And 16 buttons.
I don’t have any cable

I really appreciate @darksakul so I’ll post it in tech talk
Getting ready to disassemble this beauty .

In terms of just general supplies to carry out the repair you’ll want to have a soldering iron, a crimper/wire stripper isn’t necessary but does help quite a bit, quick disconnects for your buttons (I believe the standard is 2.8mm), lengths of wire as Dark said (get a small spool of each colour you’re using, get twice as much black since everything has to go to ground)

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Thanks @killkong1211 ,.
Question: does sanwa 30mm works on the panel , I already have 16 buttons and 2 joystick.

Your panel doesn’t look standard. 9-buttons per side arranged in a square?..
It also looks like there are Happ buttons and joysticks there, which have different sizes and mounts.
Not sure what your plan is with the control panel; if it were me, I’d go out and get a whole new repro CP to properly be able to mount in Japanese parts.

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My intention is to rebuild the arcade machine as the original one, so I have 2 options:
1 buy original parts
2 make a new one here in Mexico

Of course is in bad conditions , is a lot of work , but I think I can repair it.
Here in Mexico, the delivery service is really bad. So I’m trying to figure out what will be better

Thank you very much to give info cause I don’t have any idea about cabinets and also I’m new in this kind of quest!

Can you help me with a link to buy a new panel?

Not really sure on “where” to get a new or repro Aero City control panel; they’re not as common as the Astro/Blast/Net/Versus panels.

I vaguely remember some people on another forum making custom repros, but that might’ve been anywhere in the last 5 years.

At this point, all I’d do is just Google it, so I’ll leave that to you. :slight_smile:


@FreedomGundam thank you very much . What do you think if I just disarm it and then make a replica?

That would work, especially if you can do it your self or have access to a metal shop.

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@Darksakul than you , so, after a exhausting research on the web o didn’t I’ll continue to disarm it.

Did a bit of digging myself (mainly because I’m at work and it’s more entertaining that actually doing work).

This person (alberto1225) is doing repro Aero City panels; his last post in the thread was a couple of weeks ago. I believe he’s possibly based out of Taiwan.
I’ve dealt with him about 5-6 years ago for some other arcade control panels, and was very satisfied with the service and end-result.

Whilst the costings are expensive another source of Aero City R.S. branded panels are River Service Japan.

Hello againg guys. I’m here to update this post.
I barely disassemble the control panel
And everything was in pretty bad conditions , even the wires. So here are some pictures.

Thank you very much , this is really helpful.
Thanks for your contribution!