AES (old style) joystick

I ordered AES (old style) joystick from U.K. about shipping on 2 weeks.
If I received the joystick. What i do? :confused: try modding PS2 PCB or try remove stick swapped on new wii neo geo 2.

Who is expert about AES (old style) joyick modding?

Using the pinout, make up an adaptor using a male DB15 connector, then solder the corresponding pins to the appropriate place on the PCB. That way you can keep your Neogeo stick in original condition. I did this a while back with an Xbox controller, worked well.

You could change the buttons to Seimitsu.


great idea, you’re genius! I find it for pinout

Which is the Seimitsu button?

It was a long time ago but I think it was Seimitsu EL-20 button.
It seems Seimitsu stopped selling it also :/. I could ask if the have any…

Sure…if you find the have any instock. let me know. ; )

there color Seimitsu EL-20 button.

I believe that the joystick is already arcade grade but the buttons are not. This thread has some more information:

dang it opi, why are you buying more sticks without modding your other ones first? we need pics!!!

I ordered AES (old style) joystick but that’s second hand. I got it i feel weird. I’m not sure…I thought metalic joystick or plastic joystick.

If first hand because AES system with joystick is metalic?

I paid $7.53 customer deilvery. I got mail box and opend the box. I saw NEO-GEO stick. : )
Wow! NEO GEO has only 4 pushbuttons I saw a cracked ball-top is very old and small ball is 25mm". I remove ball is unlock top shaft steel. I put yellow sanwa ball-top on NG stick. later I’ll buy black ball-top sanwa.

I cleaned shitty inside NEO_GEO. The stick has a Seimitsu LS-30. I cleaned LS-30 is messy black grease. WTF!! I put new lube white grease is professional joystick japan.

I’ve something pics,


I want to know how NEO control port to code pinout? I would like to play my Neo Geo old style plug to ps2 system.

Damn it!!! the old stick need 5 volt on hacking PS pad. I fuck up!

look cool

Finally! I modded PSone Serier “H” with in black box. I worked code D-15 male connector for NEO GEO joystick. I played my old sytle joystick connect to PS2 system. that’s neat… the stick neo geo inside seimitsu LS-30 is very unique

op ips have you seen the special edition red and white version ?? i found it hidden deep within the realms of the internets

Was wondering if you have another one of those black boxes for sale? I know someone that could really use one.

I bought it from Radio Shack. There are different size a box. :sweat:

No not the box hehe, I meant the whole thing built already, the actualy box and every put together like in the pic.

Any chance of you making another converter? I would love to have one of these. My Neo stick is my baby :slight_smile:

Noc, Giby, the UPCB has done that since day 1. I do all my testing on an old style AES stick (on NES, SNES, PC, PSX, whatever). Get ahold of me; stand alone project boxes like those aren’t hard to make.

Oh so you have one for sale Toodles? or are you saying you can make one? If so PM me or Giby on the details thanks.