AEX Festival 2008 (Italy)

  • 2nd AEX Cup: Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (1 vs. 1) - 25 entrants
    [1] LEVA (Ryu) - Milano
    [2] Fugo (Urien) - Firenze
    [3] Fran (Necro) - Milano
    [4] Mitsu (Oro) - Treviso
    [5] Coden (Dudley)
    [5] Sean (Sean)
    [7] Angel666 (Ken)
    [7] Sherlock (Yang)
    [9] alexArandom (Elena)
    [9] LUN (Chun Li)
    [9] Pino (Gouki)
    [9] Rushing Monkey (Gouki)
    [13] EXG (Dudley)
    [13] Jck (Urien)
    [13] Lux (Hugo)
    [13] Sasha (Ken)
    [nq] Acoz (Yun)
    [nq] BR1 (Gouki)
    [nq] Cannibal (Urien)
    [nq] DIX (Hugo)
    [nq] Koala (Yang)
    [nq] Neverland (Makoto)
    [nq] Togo (Q)
    [nq] Tony Mozzarella (Dudley)
    [nq] Valmaniac (Ken)

  • 1st Teamplay AEX Cup: SF3: 3rd Strike (3 vs. 3)
    [1] Team Ghostbusters
    Sean (Makoto) - Angel666 (Ken) - Fugo (Yun)
    [2] Team Zanzarissimo
    LEVA (Urien) - Fran (Hugo) - Rushing Monkey (Q)
    [3] Team AWESOME
    Tony Mozzarella (Ryu) - LUN (Chun Li) - Mitsu (Oro)
    [4] Team Tipi Random
    Valmaniac (Necro) - Acoz (Yun) - Sasha (Ken)
    [5] Team Teletubbies
    BR1 (Gouki) - Jck (Urien) - Lux (Hugo)
    [5] Team Interracial Cumshot
    Togo (Q) - Koala (Ryu) - Sherlock (Yun)

  • Soul Calibur 3 (1 vs. 1)
    [1] Coden (Astaroth/Sophitia)
    [2] LEVA (Siegfried)
    [3] Voldo (Sophitia)
    [4] Neverland (Hwoang/Kilik/Xianghua
    [5] Mazinkaiser (Siegfried/Nightmare)

Detailed 3s results here:


Videos of the 3s Singles are available HERE, direct downloads. Some matches were recorded both by cam and by direct feed.
Footage from my cam (and only that) is also available on my youtube account, though I’d suggest the direct downloads above since compression quality is better:

Good shit Fugo. I would like to see these videos so I’ll keep an eye out for them.

God damn, 1 Yun and 1 Chun? Not to mention a Sean placing higher than both.

thanks man. Don’t expect anything near japanese level :rofl: but there were some good matches. They should be up in the next 2 days I think.

yeah that Sean took lots of people by surprise.
A couple of Chun players couldn’t join the event, and LUN is a relatively new player. We also lack Yun specialists (there were a couple of nice Yuns in Roma but they quit). But overall the character variety was really nice :slight_smile: 8 different characters in the top 8 is something you don’t see often.

BTW sergio, weren’t you supposed to come to Italy?

Yeah, I have been saving my money but I didn’t make as much as I expected so I won’t be able to leave for a while. I’m still probably going to go, though when I will be there is uncertain.

Lovin the character variety.

First videos are up on youtube courtesy of hol horse, check his account:

edited first post with video links

Pretty solid Ryu. :tup:

OMG SICK sean doing well ??? Good shit to that guy he got BALLZ seriously. ::CLAP CLAP CLAP::

pretty cool match for second place…congrats.

LEVA and Angel666 :tup:

Leva is a beast. sick vids