AEX RanBat - Videos inside

Winners semifinal 1 - Mitsu vs. Sherlock
Winners semifinal 2 - R.Monkey vs. Lun
Losers quarter final 1 - Coden vs. Sherlock
Losers quarter final 2 - Fran vs. Lun
5th/6th place - Sherlock vs. Lun
Losers semifinal - Fran vs. Coden
Winners final - R.Monkey vs. Mitsu
Losers final - Fran vs. Mitsu
Grand final - Fran vs. R.Monkey

Featuring Yang, Necro, Gouki, Chun, Oro, Dudley; comments, props, suggestion, flame and trolling are all welcome cuz this time im not in the vids :rofl:

Some other information: that was AEX Ranbat #1.2, and we run them in Milan, Italy. Full results and stuff here: