Afeni Shakur, Tupac's mother, died. This year is the 20th anniversary of Tupac's murder

Not THAT big a deal but interesting news I feel. Afeni Shakur was a black panther and also Tupac’s mother. It appears to have been a heart attack, she was 69 years old. I hope somebody is keeping an eye on Suge Knight and Voletta Wallace.

Not a big deal. For real? I was in CeX when I heard the news and Dear Mama came on. Can’t lie, I felt really distraught. I’d never ever fort the way Pac treated his Mum. She really was the biggest influence on him. Here’s hoping she’s now found peace. :frowning:

2Pac’s dad sounds exactly like 2Pac

sigh … RIP

Shit is straight up foul play behind her death. Thanks @obama

RIP Miss Tupac’s music man…wished he made more albums and got out of that crazy life…

Damn, thats crazy.


oh snap it is almost 20 years since Pac died.

its crazy that its 20 years since tupac died and its crazy that yet another (tangential in this case) musical icon is gone this year.

Terrible news. RIP.

2016 is the curse for all of the celebrities I guess…

And dear mama. R.I.P