Afew questions trying to mod a SFAE stick with Sanwa stick

I am trying to mod a SFAE stick for a friend with Sanwa/Semitsu parts and needed to ask afew questions. What is the difference between the JLF-TP-8S and the JLF-TP-8S-SK? They look the same but have different costs so I wanted to be sure. Also the SFAE stick is about 1.5cm thick but is cut out alittle for the Happ/knockoff stick so I would say its about 1cm thick overall will I need to sand down or cut out anymore to make the joystick come closer to the right height?

Use a JLW instead.

From what ive read… its a direct fit

A SFAC stick related question for those who know:

24mm buttons, such as a 24mm sanwa or semitsu, those WILL fit the SFAC’s Start/select holes right?

Looking at it would I have to remove the mounting plate and then just directly screw it into the stick like a happ stick or the standard stick?

They will fit in the holes, however they are not long enough, which is pretty much the same problem with all Sanwa/Semitsu buttons. I measured my SFAE stick and its 15mm thick while the 30mm wide buttons only go down 14-17mm which even at the 17mm point I plan on sanding down the inside a little to make them hold better. As far as the 24mm wide buttons they only go down 14-14.7mm which means you got to dig out alot more to make them fit.

Nope. You leave the plate on

It was covered already last week in THIS thread

look 3/4 down the page for pix

hope that helps

Thanks, I’ll talk it over with my friend and see if thats what he wants to go with.

Ok so they’ll fit, but the problem is they’re not quite long enough to be tightly secured with a mounting nut, correct?

Which sanwa/semitsu’s go down to 17mm enough to be secured?

I am just looking at the catalogs from the Akibarashop but the Sanwa OBSN-30RG and the OBSN-30 are both 17mm and the Semitsu PS-14-GN and the GN with the clear center. Those are the only ones I have diagrams for to be sure. I am not 100% but I am pretty sure the completly translucent Semitsu screw ins are also 17mm but don’t have the diagram to prove it.

I still believe you will have to sand down the insides a little just to make sure they will hold in. I haven’t actually modded my friends stick yet, but like I said the sticks top is about 15mm while the buttons that are 17mm may work without the extra work who knows. I’ll be know more in about 2 weeks if your willing to wait that long, have to wait for my friends payday plus parts to come.

Sanwa and Seimitsu are almost identical exterior wise, except the plastic’s feel different. Its the inside thats different. Different buttons for different folks. I would route the bottom a little if its the case, instead of sanding it.

I wouldn’t really recommended actually “replacing” the buttons with high sensitive Japanese buttons. more of a chance to activate pause or something during play. I’d say try to avoid switching out start/select if necessary. Ideally, you’d want to drill new holes somewhere else for start/select on one of the sides to avoid the chances of hitting either while playing.

Hi Guys my first post…

I did this mod about a month ago. First i went with a JLW. Minimal mods needed to fit this stick. Then i tried the JLF. I prefer the JLF. To fit the JLF i had to slightly cut the flat mounting plate at the ends (about 2mm either side) to fit into the recessed wood. then drill 4 holes for the bolts and countersink them on the top so the perspex sits flat.

I tried both sanwa and seimitsu buttons and settled on seimitsu buttons. To you fit the buttons you need to enlarge the holes slightly.

Hope that helps

ignore the messy wiring :wgrin:

Thanks for the info. As for sanding vs routing. I do think routing is the better option but I am trying to keep wood working out of the picture as much as possible.

Also nice stick I will have to have my friend look at it.

Thanks for the input! I recently ordered two Seimitsu PS-14-DN from

Hopefully those will be at least long enough to secure, if not i’ll find another way to get them to stick in.

Those are the 14mm or 14.7mm long ones. I don’t know if you can stop or the order now but the G/GNs are the ones that are 17mm but those are teh 30mm wide. None of the smaller buttons(24mm) that I know of will go all the way down without some woodworking.

Very cool! Next thing you should do is wire in a better PCB if you have not already.

One question though: The start/select buttons, did you replace the stock ones? If so what kind did you replace them with, and was any extra work needed to “fit” them in?