Affordable Arcade Joystick(with no ball!)


I’ve been looking for a good arcade style joystick to play street fighter that doesn’t have a ball. Why do they all have balls? we’re not playing pacman here!

Madcatz looks nice, but has a ball :frowning:

let me know,

Thanks guys

The official SF4 cab uses ball-top joysticks… :stuck_out_tongue: If you don’t care for the ball top, why not just order a bat top that’ll fit the joystick you’re looking at?

You would probably have to make something like that yourself. Wouldn’t be too hard, just fit a screw adapter into an old Atari joystick.

There’s also the Madcatz arcade ‘gamestick’… which is garbage. :v

And then, yeah, there are plenty of bat-top sticks. Korea makes the best one (Fanta stick), imo. >_>

This should be posted in the trading post or something unless buying affects 09 members

They have balls because a lot of people use and prefer them, whereas some people prefer bat tops. Its all personal preference, but you shouldnt neglect the fact that a lot of people use them for beat em up’s and they work well if you can use them. Im guessing your not much of a ball fondler, so why not buy a stick and put a bat top on it …

I’ve always been fond of the Happ sticks, you can get the IL Eurostick from There seems to be a wait, but It be worth it.

lol your right, i just never saw joysticks with balls in our arcades in canada… all street fighter games and beat em ups all had bat joysticks, so i guess i got use to those

So get used to something new. After trying both I was happy to give up on Happ style controls. You don’t have to stick with the old.


I’ll humble you instead of trying to convert you.

If the ball is a scary prospective then you may not like Japanese sticks, even with a bat top replacement. They do make them though for a whopping $5 if that’s your only hang-up. The sticks in the arcade that you’re used to are more than likely Happ/iL sticks. Unfortunately there’s not really a commercial American stick for this round of consoles.

Arcade-In-A-Box (which is not cheap) or another similar custom is your best route for an American stick. You could also purchase a Street Fighter 15th Anniversary controller (eBay) and use it on the PS3 with an adapter.

^ this guy is right. I’ve been reading this forum for a long time and I would say 99% of the time when someone says they want a bat top they mean they want an American feel stick. JLF/Seimitsu with a bat top is not going to cut it.

Indeedy. The thread that sticks out in my mind was a guy who was trying to get his Japanese stick to feel like an American. He swapped out a bat top, springs, butttons, basically anything he could think of and in the end still wasn’t happy with it.

That being said, I’m a Happ fanboy with a couple of Japanese sticks on the way. I’ve been trolling long enough that I want to give them a try. If I had originally gotten them I imagine I would have been quite unhappy.