Affordable, Good quality Arcade Stick

I’m been playing SFIV on and off over the past 6 years (Feb 2009 until now), so I don’t at all consider myself a “newbie” haha. I’m very experienced with this game. However, I play on D-Pad. I want to make the switch to stick to better help with my execution, possibly opening up other main opportunities (Charge characters IMO are easiest to use for D-Pad players). Not that I don’t love maining Vega, he fits my play style pretty well, but I want to try other characters such as Yun, Fei Long, etc, and executing their special moves, links/combos, etc on a D-Pad isn’t likely for me. Props to Smug, Wolfkrone and all those other guys who’ve played big on D-Pad, but I don’t wish to be apart of that bunch any longer haha.

As for my price range, I’m hoping no more than $150 including shipping. I’d prefer a pad with designated 3p and 3k buttons. Other than that I don’t have any preferences other than it being good quality. Also, don’t suggest those tiny ass “mini” Hori fight sticks. I know they’re cheap, but hell nah.

Thanks for the help guys.

I saw that same stick earlier for $150 plus shipping… haha, thanks man. If there’s nothing cheaper with near equal quality I’ll go with that.

Tech Talk has a guide on arcade sticks, check that out.

Awesome, didn’t know that. Thanks.

For which console? I have a Hori one for PS3 I could sell

i have that hori one that tensho linked i just got it wednesday i like it it alot plus i got free shipping on it since i am a prime member.

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