AFK (Away From Keyboard) situation

What will you do if you found out that your opponent is AFK (away from keyboard) or AFC (away from console) during in the middle match especially on rank match?

A. No mercy. Beat him/her up.
B. I’m a kind guy. Wait for him/her to return
C. I’m a bad guy. Do some damage on him/her
D. Takes this as opportunity. Build some meter.
E. This is my chance. go to the toilet :stuck_out_tongue:
F. others?

What will it be?

Street Fighter is a game of honor. this is not COD, this is not Mortal Kombat, we are gentlemen here, option B is what everyone must do unless they have a history of being a douchebag.

A cuz i dont feel like waiting, if u have to go do something, im sorry but thats ur problem not mine

yeah. run them bps nikka

Might want to make this an actual poll to make it easier to read what people do.

I usually do B because I prefer earning my wins. Though I do usually tag them with a bit of damage in the beginning to confirm AFK status then I’ll back off. If they don’t come back I win via taking the first round/tying the second but I give my opponent and almost five minute window to make it back to play. Seems fair to me.

I whiff a few jabs and shorts waiting for him in-case his arcade stick got unplugged or whatever, then finish him off if he took too long.

What’s the difference between A and C?

C is do a little damage, then wait. A is win outright

I wait the first round out, try to get a LP in if it’s about to timeout.

Long time ago, I had this guy who didn’t move in a ranked game. I waited for him all the 1st round without hitting him. Cause I’m sportmanship and I’m not interested in a free win. Then he was still AFK all the 2nd round, I still waited for him 3/4 of the round, and I finally hit him to finish in a time over in my favor.

Otherwise, when I wait, I like praticing karas, instant divekicks and playing with taunts. Or i can build meter

I like to troll online and pretend to be AFK. Then if the opponent waits till the second round and comes closer to just poke me for the win, I toss a hadoken or Shoryuken to steel the win.

That’s messed up, but funny. I main Balrog, maybe I’ll do the same thing but charge a final TAP and unleash it at the last second :smiley:

I go out of his jumping range and jab the air.

HEY, NOW! Just because we rip off limbs and punch our opponents into spikes does NOT mean we lack honor!

And I mostly do C, especially in Ranked. I don’t mind waiting for a match, but I’m not gonna have a tied round because you had something you needed to take care of. Online comes with that warning.

Build meter and wait the first round. Then if they aren’t around for the second round. I try to do whatever meter-wasting combo I can online.

With CViper, always Seismo feint spam in their face to ‘wake them up’. Also the same thing when I stun them.

I feel like its just as disrespectful to go afk in a middle of an match. But maby that’s just me.
If a stick broke or something like that hapend I wouldn’t call it afk.

I always had this idea:

Player One needs to take a shit during match.
He can’t pause the game.

Player One Press Start Buttom
If Player Two press start too, it will pause.

Same rule to unpause. But if player two wants he can leave the game - no bp pp loss/win


Player One with more then 10 minutes afk = Player Two can freely unpause the game.

It would be a great system, wouldn’t be?

I give them about 10-15 seconds to start playing and if not, I take the round/match. I don’t have a lot of time to wait around (especially if I’m streaming… I’m ready to move on, sorry).