AFK Tavern NYE 2010 Open SSF4 Tournament results

This is my first post to this forum and I don’t know if this is the correct place to put this but here we go.

My friend Eskalatorkid (aka D_troit) and I were approached by the events promoter to run the SSF4 tournament at AFK tavern for New Years Eve. So after a long 3 hours of running the tournament here are some of the results. This is my first time ever running a SSF4 tournament so I hope I won’t get judged to bad for running this tournament with only 3 days notice…

AFK Tavern SSF4 NYE 2010 Tournament Playlist

You should definitely come out to AFK Tavern this Saturday since there’s another tournament lined up.

I was going to mention to post any tournaments here in the NW section, but you only had 3 days notice. If you hear of them wanting to throw another one feel free to post it up here.