Afro Legends vs Damdai Money Match at EVO!


Since this is Street Fighter’s 25th year anniversary, I would like to bring the hype to EVO and officially challenge Damdai to a FT10 money match at EVO!

Damdai, you are a great player and I have nothing but respect for you but I think everyone wants to see this happen and we should give them what they want to see. I am willing to wager up to $1,000 for this money match but it’s up to you on how much you want to wager. Let me know if you are interested!

Rules: Standard Tournament of Legends rules applies but just a FT10

London Thread 2012


  1. damdai talked smack on stream
  2. more hype at EVO
  3. profit!

we need to cross post this and the tournament of legend thread to the EVO subforum


Personally, I think damdai is going to accept for the full $500. After that, sidebets aboard!

This reminds me of '05 when afro legends and Darksyde Phil were supposedly going to play for $1,000 (Which, of course, never happened).

But this… This will happen. And it’ll be hype.

FT10, $500. Character lock?


Who’s going to do side bets? Can spectators bet too?


I dunno about posting the words Money Match in the EVO section though, they are getting a bit too eSports about that.

I still wanna see this happen, though!


This better be streamed, recorded…or something!


Mad respect for this challenge Afro! I cant wait to see it!


I suggest both!


The clash of the best two U.S players nowadays, somebody has to record that shit…
O.Hawk vs Boxer
O.Ken vs Deejay
O.Hawk vs Deejay
O.Ken vs Boxer

That shit will be a hell of a show!


Haha I think for all of us watching, we want to see all four of these matches happen.


$1000 now? Oh this is gonna be good. Damdai, where are you?


I got $500 on Afrolegends whoever wants to side bet @ EVO.


Should be hype, I wouldn’t mind putting some money on Damdai.


ForTheViolence or D-Deli - $500 @ EVO. Lets make it happen.


You got this shit Damdai


Stickied. Please record whomever can.


hmmm…i would love to see this on stream at EVO. I can at least say I beat him once yesterday on cab :slight_smile: lol


Challenge received! Working out details over here, will respond soon.


lol “will respond soon”.

That’s what i call how to create HYPE