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interesting, from experience, anti-racism is the strongest view point in the punk and hardcore scene along side anti nazis and anti government. didn’t know there was much of a drift in the scene all i knew of was the problems caused by bad brains and that was over homophobia.
off hand in LA there a band called “Bad Reaction” black frontman really nice doods and good music. Another guy i knew used to tape shows has a tape of our old show really nice i think he had a band too but then again i live in a predominantly mexican area so i cant speak for the black punks in a white area.

but again shit is tongue in cheek, i’ve seen black nazis and skinheads seig heiling during nazi punks fuck off. ridiculous shit.

its weird how in rock even though they have lots of black influence and history in rock. As it progressed africans parts were seemingly erased from the styles history til recently when you see more black lead singers again in all styles of rock. Like with bands like seplutara and killswitch engage have really brought minorities in general back into metal and such.

yea jazz and blues have some of the largest influence in metal and its often neglected or looked over.

black metal singers? Hirax has still been going strong for 20 years and Katon W. Pena is still known as the thrash metal man and this band from San Diego (now washington) Skelator had a black bass player and he was really fucking good.

shit you wanna talk about rarities
this band i’ve seen a few times has a BLIND drummer

wow this is interesting now I dont feel alone.

you missed a big thread we had in gd a while back about blacks who listen to rock. alot of srk is black and alot of us listen to rock.

care to link me to this thread if it still exists?

hmm this seems interesting.

Yea I remember that thread pretty much says what was done in this video.

shaka you are not alone buddy we are world wide best beileve lol.

nothing wrong with liking music outside of hiphop or RnB, hell most of the top hiphop producers these days look outside of hiphop for their beats.


yea three six was noted for sampling cradle of filth :rofl::rofl::rofl:

oh damn…wut track was that?